Something You Want To Say?

Something You Want To Say?

Let’s close out February with some super sexy somethings from Eyelure! This ridiculous hot and naughty dress is found at the mainstore, available in some really cute colors too!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to drop by Verocity Poses and pick up a pose pack to complete your sexy portrait. This pose is from the pose pack containing six poses and their mirrors, named Dahlia. Continue reading


Almost Famous.

Almost Famous.

While I was taking it easy over Valentine’s Day and the weekend. My friends have been buys bees! Maybe they sense spring’s forth coming? Who knows? But hey! That means new stuff for us, so I’ll never complain. Now, try and stay with me. This post contains not one, not two, but three of my favorite’s goodies.

First up, Eyelure has released some new, cute, and comfy dresses in their store. These dresses come in a few colors and even boast some witty sayings across them. You’ll find them compatible with mesh bodies, and as always at great prices.

Secondly, Chez Moi is bringing the food to the food fair! In fact, they are bringing the entire cart! This food cart is way cute, available in different schemes, from colors to regular wood. Easily able to be used for sim fillers and picture opportunities. This cart is an exclusive item for the MadPea International Food Fair. You can get your own Farmer’s Market, along with many other treats until March 4th.

Last, but certainly not least.. If you aren’t hardcore stalking the releases of S26 poses, then you are straight missing out! These lovely guys have came onto the scene with a thirst for recognition and pumping out poses left and right! Still don’t have the hookup, you can find it here…on their marketplace. Above you’ll find the friend pose ‘Judith’!

And Suddenly, Every Love Song Became About You.

And Suddenly

The Gacha Garden promises to deliver us goodies, as always. This time around you can catch one of the coolest things, I think I’ve seen on a piano. While it’s probably been done before, this is still newer to me. These pianos from none other than Chez Moi are rather cool, boasting 12 piano songs with four animations. There are eight commons and two Rare Piano’s which boast the 12 songs and…wait for it…38 animations!

If you love piano’s you’ll love the décor that comes along, from the cute chairs to the wall art…don’t forget, after twenty pulls, you’ll grab yourself the seed of inspiration, this guitar/stand. Also, they are low LI, with 3Li, not bad for a piano boasting all these goodies.

Sweets For The Sweet.

 Sweets For The Sweet.

Food, who doesn’t love it!? Especially in a world where your body is controlled by that of slider bars…Le sigh…if only in the real world, right? Anyhow, nothing says fantasy like a super hot girl pigging out. What makes it even more cute?! These new sleepy pajama’s from Eyelure. They come in really cute matching tops and bottoms, as well as some basic colors, and you can grab yours at this round of the Designer Circle!

Also another goody good, for those of you that are already part of the Lamb Vip group. You ‘Little Lambs’ can pick up a adorable gift named ‘Lovesong’, available as the fatpack to those whom are members…which, come on, everyone should be a member by now.

Don’t forget that this Tuesday is another round of Hello Tuesday! There you can find another fabulous set of poses from Verocity, this one from the Aimra pose pack (Mirrors included). Think that’s great, Verocity had a announcement to share with us…She’s joined forces with a friend to begin releasing mesh items! First up, is this really rustic, farm style, table you see me laying on. They have a ton things in the works, so be sure to keep n touch and I’ll update you as quickly as possible! Continue reading