If I’m taking the step forward to do this, I may as well do it properly. Therefore I assume an introduction is in order. Of course it would have been great to steal a line from the, Anne Rice famed, Lestat and have said,

I assume I need no introduction.

But the problem with that lies in the fact that most of my audience is currently, while always appreciated, console gamers. It’s somewhat where I got my start in reviewing, writing, videos, and the social media networks. Many of them have watched over the years as I posted remarks and photos of my SecondLife experience with curious minds. Some know and have been residents of this wonderful world, while others have toyed with the ideas. I’ve done my best to answer questions as they arose, all the while becoming more intrigued by my own experience in SL. That being said, I’m trying something a little new.

While I have always enjoyed and primarily used Secondlife as my role-play playground. I have never failed to appreciate all the work that goes into creating the many products that make SL so realistic, mythic, and whimsical. It’s literally the one place that can back up the statement.

There’s something for everyone!

So that is why I’ve made “Lex Talks” this blog’s purpose is to inform those whom are curious of this fascinating and entertaining world, as well as recognize those who work every day to make SL that ever-growing, changing, and trend setting place to be.

Here I may speak about anything from personal preferences, thoughts, rants, role-play, fashion, and the things that come with it. This is simply a place for me to continue expressing myself in ways I enjoyed with gaming, which I haven’t left, and perhaps dive a little deeper into the pixellated world that I have come to call my second home.


Alexis “Lex” Valentini


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