Yearbook Challenge!


Recently I crossed the pictures of a couple bellas, Perina McGinnis and Strawberry Singh, featuring a snapshot of your avatar donning its best yearbook worthy smile. Now I am such a fool for photo challenges, even the instagram ones! I will admit that I have a horrid habit of eagerly starting them, but rarely finishing them. Perhaps that should have been a New Year resolution? Regardless I can promise that I will be having more fun with this, after opening up this site.

Anyhow, back to the picture. Strawberry Singh took the liberty of making a flickr group named SecondLife Yearbook to gather all the photos in and I must say there are some very creative minds out there. I highly suggest you take a look at all the submissions, they are rather enjoyable.

This is where the roleplay side of me comes out, and I share a little backstory about myself. I was a complete high school comic, gamer girl, dare I say nerd? I don’t know, my brother Cole tended to give me a rather hard time over it, not to mention the braces. Nowadays, I’m more of a “closet geek”. Yet you can still catch me lounging in old t-shirts, like above, and just maybe hitting up a videogame or two.

Here’s to the class of 2007… Most likely to save herself for Batman…. truth be told, it would have been The Joker, but what did they know?

Photo Credits:

Hair: Truth – Electra

Skin: Essences – {Jamie} Dark01

Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes – Evening

Lips: Hush – Natural

Shirt: ::Trivia:: – T-Shirt  Batman

Glasses: BerryIcing – plain black glasses

Teeth: PXL Creations – [PXL] Open Mouth PRO Teeth v2.0

Expressions: AnyPose Expression – free on Marketplace!

Pose: .[ pose+ivity ]. Cleo Pack – Cleo1

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