Meet Jack!


Ice in my veins, blood in my eyes, hate in my heart, love on my mind.

Quick introduction for Jack here. He’s the other half to my SL world, my roleplay partner and great friend, not to mention that he’s easy on the eyes. He’s been completely patient with me  as I learn lighting and proper camera angles in my journey to taking photos. With so many wonderful designers out there for men, I had to have him along on this blog journey.

Now if there is something I have come to noticed, it’s that SL needs more men designers! Ugh, I would do it myself (but I have no clue and the utmost respect for those whom do!). But a few things I can say for sure, when a designer makes something for the male population and does so correctly, it stands out. That being said, I cannot praise Muschi enough for their hotboy jeans. I have yet to cross a jean that works so well with boots, that isn’t skinny leg. Their material and HUD easily make them one of the hottest jeans for men in SL. Secondly, lets talk boots… 1NNOVAT1on Design Prefabs knew exactly what they were doing, when they made these boots (Which also come with a HUD that allows color change and socks). Not only that, you can get them at a promo price of only 249L, that is insane for the quality! So you are doing yourself and your male friend’s an injustice by letting them miss out.

To me there is nothing more sexy than a man who is casually dressed in the simple attire of a V-neck t-shirt, jeans, and boots. God don’t forget the belt, but that should go unsaid. (It took me a while, but I finally beat the importance of a belt through Jack’s head.) With that being said, however, Hoorenbeek’s V-neck T-shirt, which also comes with a color/design changing HUD is the icing on the sexy man cake. The alpha isn’t botchy, nor does the lay of the shirt make you have moobs (man-boobs), making it another must in your man’s closet.


Tattoo: Core – tattoo sleeve Skulls & Smoke

Skin, Body, & Eyes:  Aeros –  Avatar Miles , Irish Crème, Peaked brows,  Vivianite eyes

Hair: -Entente- Thubaut Hair – B&W Midnight Black

Watch: Purf – Casual Watch

Shirt: [ hoorenbeek ] – Mesh T-Shirt – V Neck – HUD

Jeans: MUSCHI – HotBoy Jeans  Blue

Boots: 1NNOVAT1ON Boots – ROHINI

Cigarette: [NikotiN] – Cigarette_Classic_V4

Safe: Pilot – Aviation Full Set



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