Roleplay Alert! You had me at Zombie


Like I warned in my introduction, I am a avid roleplayer and have been for fifteen years, not that I’m trying to put a date on myself. But it’s something I simply enjoy doing, add zombies to it and well it’s just a blast! Now, everyone who roleplays knows that there have been a slew (yes, I’m country and not really Italian) of post apocalyptic sims that have opened and failed for the last few years now. While I only gave a look around the layout of most of those sims, I have actually spent some actual in character time on this one and it’s been a blast!

The new post-apoc sim “Outbreak”   opened early January to the public, after a few weeks of its soft opening that launched mid December ’14. The layout is as expected, rural backwoods, small, city surrounded by mountains (Think current day The Walking Dead). Now the roleplayers there are among some of the best that secondlife has to offer. We have been informed that there is a hud in the words and there is still ongoing construction happening on sim. Factions are forming and still forming ties and bonds, which is the perfect time to insert yourself into any plot.

One of my main reasons for suggesting this sim to those who love a little zombie action. Is the fact that the owners/creators of Outbreak, are the same owners/creators of the longtime and reliable sims “Crack Den”  and “Dead End” . Anyone who has been around SL roleplay for some time, can expect for both these sims to be reliable for you to begin and live out your story there. So Outbreak should be little different, and there is a comforting in that.

Photo Credits:

Hair: Takitomi: Midori bandana/blacks

Skin: Essences: {Jamie} Dark01

Pose: F*cking Ninjas: *FN* Execution (2 person) pose (gun included)

Backpack: [Z-Day] : Vintage Day Pack

Shirt: Blueberry: Knotted T-Shirt Black

Jeans: JRC: Skinny Mesh Jeans Promo

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