Let’s Talk Purple Pose Sexy…




Okay, so let’s talk poses… I am one who loves to get a little risqué in my photography, but I like to keep it as tasteful as I can. That being said, I haven’t the proper words to say other than “Thank You!” to Audrey Guter of Purple Poses for capturing the poetry of intimacy at its edgiest. Her up close and covered pose, Couple 369, offers a glimpse into the bedroom just before things get really steamy. Pair that with the dim glow of Fancy Décor classic fireplace (only 1 prim). Yes, I said 1 prim, those are hard to come by with such wonderful quality, and I was in love from the moment I picked it up! Throw your favorite bed in the background, in my case, I’m using MudHoney Chelsey Adult (Duh, after a pic like this) version, and bam you’re set up for the prelude to beyond sexy times.



Alexis – Essences – Jamie Dark01

Jack – Aeros – Avatar Miles Irish Crème

Body –

Alexis: Hush – Sade (modified)

Jack (See above Aeros)


Alexis: Exile – Stay the Night

Jack: -Entente– Thubaut Hair – B&W Midnight Black

Hands & Feet:

Alexis: Slink – Elegant Hands & High Feet

Jack: Slink  – Casual Hands & Male Feet


Alexis: REIGN – Suede Heels: Crimson (Strapped)

Tattoos: Core – sleeve Skulls & Smoke

Bed: MudHoney – Chelsey Adult Version (Link in description)

Fireplace:  Fancy Décor – Classic Fireplace (Link in description)


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