Bad Boys


What is it about a bad boy that leads to your heart racing, all lines of rational thought out the door, and you to make bad decisions, knowingly? Since the dawn of time, from the moment that Eve sat foot into that garden, bad boys have been our weakness. They leave wanton, a glutton for punishment. While we know there is no turning back, no mending of the hearts they were born to break, we still find ourselves taking their hand and letting them lead us blindly.


While the ride is exhilarating, often times leaving us breathless and inevitably down the wrong path. Never, ever, do we decline it’s offer, and most of the time without a bit of hesitance. There is just something about them that lures us, beckons us, and guides us into a beautiful nightmare. That we know, admitting or not, will leave us with tears on our pillows.Brett&Song

Is it the fact that they have no reservation for the rules that most people follow? The fact they often see themselves above the law. They are risk takers, rule breakers, and game changers. Their taste often one that has us questioning ourselves and current situation. Why do we put up with their unruly behavior, at times awkward style, and the constant let down they are capable of bringing us.

Often we’ve convinced ourselves that we can change them, just like it were a fairytale. That our knight in shining armor just happen to be wrapped in leather over steel, and ride a steel horse over a real one. We try, we try to tell ourselves that it’s just a phase. That our bad boys can be good for only us, as the saying goes. That all they need is a little good influence in their life. That we can be that difference, be the one thing that opens their eyes to the light. Yet in the end, we typically find ourselves fallen to their persuasive demeanor. The if you can’t beat them, join them, rule comes into play. We find our morals compromised, standards lowered, fallen from the graces, and hitting rock bottom. Drunk

Regardless of our reasoning, the fact still remains, bad boys are here to stay and corrupt us. In which we will love them for every moment they are doing it. Even if our mind tells us over and over that they’re going to break our tender hearts, we will still go against better judgment and take that disastrous journey into a tale of lust, highs, and downfalls, wearing our heart on our sleeves.

So even if it were the Devil who plays them, we thank God for them…

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