We’ve all been here, and maybe even after we ‘make it’ there are times we will find ourselves here again? I’m not sure, because I have yet to cross that hurdle. Well, on the SecondLife side of things. I achieved the hurdle on the console side, blogged there for a long while, before our ladies went our separate ways. I can remember even then, just when we all thought it were hopeless and we’d never get our foot in the door, the owner of CompuExpert approached us and we began reviewing for them, then came GripiTs, AcousticPC, and so on. It just feels like once you can get your foot in the door with one that so many others begin opening their doors and there you are. It’s the woes and trials we endure to get that first chance.

I have only been at this for nearly four months now, and already I find myself frustrated. While I’m willing to take any, I guess “professional”, advice I can get. I’m not sure if people take that as over stepping boundaries or on toes, which ever. I personally would not, and never hesitated to offer my advice or guidance on anything that were in the gaming industry. But fashion, even if its SecondLife/Virtual fashion, is a cutthroat industry and people aren’t always so open or giving.

So, it was my thought to take the bold step and reach out to those who have been fortunate enough to become a successful blogger and ask for pointers, advice, suggestions, and even critiquing of my personal work. Is this ‘gig’ really a hit or miss sort of chance, if you will? I have filled out so many blogger apps that always inquire “How often do you post?” That question is always tricky for me and usually if I have the option, I end up trying to explain myself. Getting your feet wet in blogging is certainly not cheap. I may only post once, maybe twice a week, but that is more related to the fact that my resources are limited. Not many value old material, and with the natural bills of any other person it’s not always possible to spend the money here that we’d all like to. While I’m positive there is always, regardless of who you are or how great your work is, room for improvement. I don’t feel I’m lacking quality in my artwork, but could always use suggestions. In fact, I welcome it and am trying to stay shy of begging for it!

Maybe in the end, I won’t be cut out for what this industry takes? I’m not sure, though I’d like to think that I am. I’d like to think I’m open minded enough to literally meet another’s wants, even if it means adjusting my taste. Blogging is of sorts a job, you are receiving merchandise for it, and it’s only fair that you please the distributor. While I toss this question around in my mind, over and over, I’ll never know for sure, until I receive that initial chance. Which then brings me back to square one, how do I get there?

This was a blog post meant as way to vent a little of my self-frustration and hopefully receive some pointers from those who are in the positions that I aspire to be. Therefore, if it’s not too much to ask toss out a few suggestions, even encouragement, for those who find themselves in a position like me on this. Thank you in advance, ❤ Lex


Skin: Essences – Ingrid Dark01

Hair: Magika – Stay (Blacks)

Eyes: Ikon – Promise Eyes (Feldgrau)

Hands: Slink – Elegant

Shirt: Blueberry – Cassy Knotted Shirt (Gray) for Belleza & Maitreya

Shorts: Blueberry – Cossy Ripped Denim Shorts (Dark Blue) for Belleza & Maitreya

Shoes: Essenz – St. Tropaz (Cream) for Slink & Maitreya

Accessories –

Glasses: Berryicing – Plain black glasses

Bracelet: JCNY – ‘Forever Diamonds, Engraving Ed.’

Laptop: [AF] Apple Fall – AIR Notebook

Desk: Second Spaces – Cooper Desk (white)

Chair: { what next } – Mallorca Chair (Natural)


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