Sleep Over (Preview of The Pose Shop “54” at The Pose Fair 2015)

Sleep Over!

Another pose that caught my attention as I browsed the many shops at The Pose Fair 2015, was this pose by The Pose Shop labeled “54”. It was so cute, too cute to pass up on! I took a more innocent look, if you will, to show the versatility in this pose. When you see this pose at The Pose Shop’s booth, you’ll find three very sexy avatars in lingerie. While that is completely okay and a wonderful picture. I wanted to give another perspective on the pose, depicting three friends at a girly sleep over, complete with matching nightgowns by Dead Dollz (Found at We ❤ Roleplay) and the matching cardigan by VINCUE(Found at the Sweet Cupcake Fair).

While the Pose Fair opens April 11th (Landmark Coming Soon)

We ❤ RolepaySweet Cupcake Fair 2015 are currently open to the public!


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