Two Things Every Man Needs. (Ridic. Pose Preview at The Pose Fair 2015)


Ridic Dudes Pose

Every guy needs two things, other than beer and a sandwich. They need the dependability of another man, brother or like one, that always has his back. One that he can trust, roll with, and most of all trust. The other, a good woman by his side. Someone who will stand behind him, right  or wrong, and continue loving him regardless of his chaotic mistakes.

Something Secondlife could use, creators devoting time toward the manly side of fashion and poses. While fashion has indeed came a long way, I always have a hard time finding good quality ‘bromance’ poses for the guy besties. But, Londinia Leistone, owner of both Ridic. Poses and The Hive (Mesh Home and Gardening), has solved that issue. Her pose above, simply called “Dudes Pose” is a perfection depiction of the lovely ‘bromance’. While her pose below, entitled “America”, is quite literally sex on the beach and little even needs to be said about it, just look at it! Completely hot!

Both these poses can be found at The Pose Fair 2015, opening in just a couple of hours (SL noon, April 11th), as well as many more. Her store offers everything from single, couple, to group poses. Give The Hive a look too, she makes really cute mesh furnishings for both indoors and out!

For More Information regarding The Pose Fair 2015, check out The Hottie Cooterati Experience!

Ridic America Pose


Top Pose: Ridic. Poses – Dudes Pose

Jack (left) –

Skin: Aeros – Miles (Irish Crème)

Hair: Entente – Thubaut Hair (B&W Midnight Black)

Hands: Slink – Relaxed

Tattoos: Core Tattoo – Full Sleeve Skulls & Smoke

Shirt: [ hoorenbeek ] – Mesh T-Shirt – V Neck – HUD

Jeans: Redgrave – LQM Classic Cut (Navy)

Glasses: Redgrave – Aviator Pilot

Cole (right) –

Skin: Samurai HQ – Adrian (Darker V2)

Hair: Samurai HQ – Adrian (Bald base)

Hands: Slink – Relaxed

Shirt: Lapointe & Bastchild Clothing – S’wear “Classic” T-Shirts Graphics Edition

Jeans: Muschi – Hotboy Jeans (Blue)

Glasses: Gizza – Aviators

Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears Version 3


Bottom Pose: Ridic. Poses “America” found at The Pose Fair 2015

Alexis –

Skin: Essences – Jamie (Dark 01)

Hair: CaTwA – Mesh Wet Lucy (Blacks & Whites)

Hands/Feet: Slink – Elegant hands & high feet

Bikini – .:EC:. – Alix Bikini w/ HUD

Jack –

Skin: Same As Above

Hair: Same As Above

Tattoos: Same As Above

Hands/Feet: Slink – Relaxed and Flat Male

Board Shorts: +grasp+ – Board shorts 2013 (Floral Blue)


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