Raver at Heart.

HopScotch "Springtime Neon Lights"

Couple things here! Well three to be exact, but who’s counting? First off! The Wayward Hunt, which began on April 17th and runs through May 1st. You can find these pretty neon glowing, springtime wall flowers! They are super cute and modifiable, so you can fit them pretty well anywhere! Those and the current pose, which I admit is a little hard to see (I wanted to show off the flowers). Both are created by HopScotch and you can find the pose pack, which comes with the red headphones, entitled “My Jam” at the Pose Fair 2015. The flowers, are part of the Wayward Hunt and can be found in store at HopScotch. My Jam

The last thing, this new ensemble from Erratic! The tank top, dipping low in the front, but has this really cute and grunge like ripped skull in the back. While there aren’t appliers with it yet, I had no issues fitting it to my Maitreya body. The leggings however, come in packs of five designs or colors, and do include a HUD for the Maitreya, Omega, and Slink mesh bodies. This entire outfit can be found this round at Collabor88.


Pose: HopScotch – My Jam Pose Pack (found at Pose Fair 2015, link above)

Wall Décor: HopScotch – Springtime Neon Lights (Found at mainstore as part of The Wayward Event)

Outfit: Erratic – basics  printed leggings B&W   &   Roxy Ripped Top Red  (Both are found at Collabor88, link above)

Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body


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