Rain On Me.


Let’s talk blogger problems again. Some of you may know that earlier in what I like to flatter myself by calling it ‘My Blogger Career’. That I posed a few questions to some of you veteran bloggers out there, as well as the designers. Sadly I didn’t necessary receive the outright reaction that I had hoped, in that my questions weren’t really answered, but it felt good to just air out some of my frustrations with trying to get my foot in the blogging door.

I would like to think that I have came a long way in my seven short months of blogging for Secondlife. While I am no where near my peak, I have came a ways up that climb from the noobish bottom. Since that post, I have gained five absolutely wonderful sponsors, and worked with two blogging sites on events such as this year’s Pose Fair and the upcoming Black Tie affair. I cannot begin to extend my appreciation to those who took a chance on a up and coming blogger, not only myself, but others who aren’t exactly as established as some of the well known bloggers. It’s designer’s like you, who give us ‘noob bloggers’ the encouragement to continue, when we think that maybe this is hopeless.

Had it not been for the perfect timing of my sponsors, along with the wonderful encouragement and support from Jack (Bae =3 ). I may have truly given up on making this happen. While I would have never ceased to take pictures in secondlife, as its became something I thoroughly enjoy. I very well would have stopped putting the effort into the proper tagging and landmarking that I put into each post. So again, on that note, sincerely from the depths of my pixelated heart…Thank you all.

With all of that being said and since I have gotten my foot in the door to this demanding world. I have encountered another issue. Now, maybe I’m just not clear on exactly what the term means…which is very possible, because as I’ve said. I am truly a noob to this, I don’t claim in any way, shape, or form to be well groomed in this industry. I learn as I go, graciously accept critique, ideas, and love collaborating to make things happen.

The newest obstacle I have came to ‘Feeds’. There are so many places that I begin to apply for…things I would like to dabble in and challenge myself with…such as furniture/home décor. If my home state had a market for interior design, I would have most certainly chose that path over the medical field. But, here I set in a physician office with my ultrasound machine (which I don’t mind at all). Therefore, secondlife has been a place for me to do what I enjoy…design. I have owned, through roleplay, a few bars, bistros, and shops. I absolutely adore decorating and setting up places. So I thought ‘why not’ apply for some designers in that genre.

Granted I run into the same thing with clothing designers and I am more than sure they have their good reasons for requiring such. So my questions are… What exactly is it meant by a feed or ‘fashion feed’, as I have read. I mean I do blog for a few people, to say they have my blog on their page…some do, some don’t. Their time is mostly consumed with doing what they do best, developing and designing. They leave the blog type pages to us, which is totally understandable. That being said, my second inquiry would be, how does one go about getting themselves on said feeds?

If its just a by luck of the draw, who you know, or simply put…biding your time. Then I understand, but if there is something I need to be actively doing. Then I would love to know that and well…what, I should be doing. Because I want to make this happen, I want it to work. I miss this sort of work. My days of gaming and product reviews in that line of console/pc industry are over. I miss writing, it’s what I enjoy doing. Back then, I wrote for the company Ladies 2 Die 4. We were on a few gaming feeds, so I never had to ‘go get’ myself. However, I am more than willing to put in the work for it. I just need some direction from someone who has been there, or maybe even sharing my struggle.

As always, thank you all for your support and I can only hope I return the favor half as much. ❤


Skin: Essences – Ingrid (Dark01)

Hair: Catwa – Lucy (Espresso)

Hand: Slink – Elegant Hands

Tears: Izzies – I’m Not Feeling Very Well (Tears & Mascara)

Ring: EarthStones – Devotion Wedding Set (White Gold)

Pose: Verocity – Viola 6 Pose Set (Found at Hello Tuesday!)


2 responses to “Rain On Me.

  1. Hi Lex! ♥ I’m a still a new blogger myself – I hit my 3 month mark on August 1st – and I believe there are two challenges when it comes to feeds: meeting the blog age requirement, and that many of them no longer accept new submissions.

    Where the former is concerned, you should be golden now at 7 months of blogging age, as I think the iheartsSL feed is the one that requires 6+ months before they’ll add you. As for the latter, there are a couple of lists floating around with all the known feeds on them, but I’ve found them to be outdated and/or including sites that are now closed to new bloggers. So I made a list on my site of the feeds I’m aware of that are welcoming new submissions; you can find it under the Second Life Directories & Feeds heading here: http://everafterrsl.com/second-life-blogs/

    I was able to get listed with 5 of them even though my blog is still quite young, so you should be able to apply to all but LivingSL (that one is more geared towards home/garden and lifestyle blogs, but it’s sister-site BloggingSL would be perfect for you). I hope this is helpful, and best of luck! ♥


    • Hey Ever! Thank you so much for your help! Lol now if I can figure out how to set my page up with a list of my feeds. I always think I’m computer savvy until I tackle this side of it. ❤ you're the best!


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