I Fell Off My Pink Cloud With A Thud.


As promised, I have a few more goodies to be found at the upcoming Vintage&Cool Fair (Landmark to Come) Remember the fair opens August 21, so you don’t have too much longer to wait! In this picture, you’ll find my inspiration from the 20’s. Those were indeed a roaring time, and quite possibly the other time era I would have choose to have grown up in. There was something about the glitz and glamour of the 20’s that I just couldn’t help but feel drawn to.

We’ll start from head to toe, as it just seems appropriate…

First off, let’s talk this hair! Oh..Em..Gee…could no. match have pegged this any more perfectly!? This style has certainly strutted itself straight out the vintage closet, and contrary to what you may believe, the…we’ll call them ‘squiggles’ fit flush and smooth to the face/scalp. The pack comes with hair bases for each color, to match perfectly, and in many shades.

Paint me pretty, Nova and MUA, with your bold lips (Nova) and sleek black eyeliner (MUA). Nova dropped into this fair with a makeup case packed full of bold lip colors, available for both regular and ‘bigger’ lips…good lookin’ out Nova. Their colors aren’t your typical normal, sure I have red on, but red is clearly a must. Just be sure to give both Nova and MUA a respectable looksee, as their subtle additions can make a huge impact on your look! MUA put their own twist on the ‘cat eye’ style. From subtle to bold, there isn’t a liner for any occasion that can’t be found in this pack. Those of you with mesh heads, don’t worry…they have you covered.

On to the necklace… this is the long version, yes that is right…this necklace comes with a HUD that allows for both a long and short version of the necklace, as well as color change of metals, medallion (with a show/hide option), change of pearls, and diamond accents. Needless to say it can be compatible with any sort of outfit your little heart can desire! Swallow was most certainly looking out for you when she designed this ‘Elizabeth Necklace’.

Lastly, for the Vintage fair pick ups… I call them ‘anklets’, but Promagic stamped them Vanjari. They are a perfect fit, compatible with both slink and maitreya, and could be use with an array of genres from the current boho fad, to kink, and even gorean styles. Not to mention, a great beach accessory for catches fellas and not waves!


Body: Maitreya – Lara Body

Skin: Essences – Ingrid (Dark01)

Hair: no.match_ – No Promise (Blacks)  (Coming Soon to The Vintage&Cool Fair)

Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes (Feldgrau)

Eyeliner: M.U.A – Eyeliner All the Ways – Pack 1 (1-1) (Coming Soon to The Vintage&Cool Fair)

Lips: Nova –  Josselyn – Lipsticks (009) (Coming Soon to The Vintage&Cool Fair)

Mouth: PXL Creations – Open Mouth Teeth v2.0

Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears ver2

Hands/Feet: Slink – Elegant Hands & High Feet

Necklace: Swallow – Elizabeth Necklance (Long) (Coming Soon to The Vintage&Cool Fair)

Ankle Bracelets: Promagic – Vanjari (Coming Soon to The Vintage&Cool Fair)

Cardigan: DeeTalez – Tops Mesh (Snow Cardigan)

Panties: Eyelure – Print Panties 5 Pack (White with Black)

Rings: Earthstones – Devotion Bridal Set (White Gold) — The Jewelry Exchange – Queen of Hearts Commitment Ring (Silver) — Mistwood – Female Ring (Left & Right)

Drink: erratic – home drink (martini) (Came from a Gatcha Yardsale)

Cigarette Holder – Bloody Mess – Cigarette Hodler

Vanity/Chair Set: Follow Us – Vanity Table W&P (Beautiful Life)

Divider Décor: C-Outlet – Loo Screen Divider

Pose: Was preset pose within the Follow Us Chair


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