My Weekend Is All Booked.

My Weekend Is All Booked

I feel like such a slacker! I missed the first week of The Arcade due to vacation, not that I’m complaining. So needless to say, the moment  got home I ran straight and threw my money at a little of everyone…That being said, damn you Acorn Tree House *Pouts*. Like I -need- it…As you can see above, I have the smaller ‘Auburn’ Treehouse. It is rather marvelous, but would be even greater, if I had its big brother the Acorn to attach it to.

I am rather certain that Dust Bunny took up the most of my pulls, as they brought a few couple machines full of wonderful rare and common items! Above is the ‘Auburn Treehouse’ as I mentioned. It is absolutely beautiful in its entirety and fairly easy to pull it seems, as I had three.

MudHoney was no disappointment, as expected. The RARE pink chaise has very cute poses and props within it. Their rugs, which I managed to cop both, are too cute and modern, as is the rest of their décor. The small additive décor from Tres Blah are very cute pieces as well, and I am still dying to get my hands on the makeup bag! Tres Blah came with everything girly and great to say the least!

It took me some bargaining and trading to get my hands on this updo, bun, from Lamb “Wake Up”. They brought three styles to the Arcade, all of which are cute, and one of which am I still trying to get in the black pack, Date Night.

Garbaggio, good lawd, shoes…let’s get some shoes! If you need extra cute add-ons for photos, this collections is MUST. From shoe boxes, to stand alone shoes, dresses filled and empty, to racks, and even a pump with a hud! Garbaggio has this covered girl!


Body: Maitreya – Lara

Skin: Essences – Ingrid (Dark01)

Hair: Lamb – Wake Up (Black Pack, found at te Arcade, link above)

Eyes: Ikon – Promise Mesh Eyes (Feldgrau)

Lips: Hush – Natural Lip Appliers (Cocoa)

Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears ver2

Hands/Feet: Slink – Elegant Hands/Mid Feet

Shirt: Forever Young – Assorted Sweatshirts pack one (Oh la la)

Panties: Eyelure – Print Panties 5 Pack (Pink Flower Black)

Leg Warmers: I <3F – Winter Leg warmers (Black)

House: Dust Bunny – Rare Auburn Treehouse (Found at the Arcade, link above)

Chaise: MudHoney – Rare Nola Chaise Pink (Found at Arcade)

Rug: MudHoney – Nola Rug Chevron (Found at Arcade)

Table: MudHoney – Nola Table (Bleached) (Found at the Arcade)

Red Heels and Shoe Boxes: Garbaggio – Shoe Clutter Red (Found at the Arcade)

Lips Phone, Skull Flowers, Floor Art, and Striped Box, and Necklace in small holder: Tres Blah – Eclectric Collection Hot Lips Phone (Red), Rare Skull w/Light Roses, Trio, Large Nesting Box, and Trinkets (Found at the Arcade)

Wall Hanging: Ariskea – Terre Automne (Autumn Definition Frame) (Found at the Arcade)

Open Mat with Cell Phone: 1992 – Desk Mat (Open Book, Tan)  (Found at the Arcade)

Bottles on Floor: DIY – 04. Love Potion Philtres (Found at the Arcade)


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