There’s Always That One Summer That Changes Everything.

SummersEndLet’s talk about how super excited I am to be selected as a Chez Moi blogger -squeals-! They are known for their fabulous indoor and hands down some of the best outdoor décor on the grid! This entire photo was centered around their pier creation. Everything from the dock to the chairs are created by the lovelies of Chez Moi. Each barrel chair has multiple poses of single, couple, and scenes with props! The dock is no different with multiple poses for you, friends, and companions with prop sets such as fishing.

The barrel and wooden planked table is super cool, coming with décor options that give you accents to parties, cookouts, or simple get together occasion. They are super cute, but at the angle I shot the photo, you couldn’t see them. So let that be a added surprise for you, when you purchase it!

Speaking of purchasing, Chez Moi is one place that I have always found to never fail on being reasonable for such a great quality. They clearly put a lot of work into each piece and will not break your piggybank. I couldn’t be anything but pleased with this, whether I’m using it on the beach or the chairs and table for a patio twist…it is a great buy!

Here kitty, kitty! Pixicat and Cocoroni delivered some great clothes to this round of Kustom9. Pixicat’s high waisted shorts are just to die for and very spot on the current trend. With the seasons changing over to fall and temperatures growing cooler, pairing these shorts with tights or a hoodie/sweater is just fabulous. Of course Pixicat is mesh friendly and I had no issues wearing the Cocoroni hoodie with my Lara body.  


Alexis –

Body: Maitreya – Lara

Skin: Essences – Ingrid (Dark01)

Hair: Truth – Elyse

Hands/Feet: Slink – Elegant Hands/High Feet

Sunglasses: RedGrave – Maddison

Hoodie: Cocoroni – Hoodie Gacha RARE (Found at Kustom9, link above)

Shorts: Pixicat – Tilde Shorts Highwaisted (Stripes NR2) ( Found at Kustom9, link above)

Jack –

Skin: Aeros – Miles

Hair: Entente – Thubaut (Blks&Whts)

Hands/Feet: Slink – Male Hands&Feet

Shirt: L&B – Swear “Classic T-Shirt” HUD

Shorts: GioMEN – Cargo Shorts (HUD)

Watch: Purf – Casual Watch

Furniture –

Dock, Half Barrel Seats, Barrel Table, Wooden Wheel Navy Décor, and Light Post: Chez Moi (Link above)

Beer: 333 Creations – Beer Heineken

Dock: Chez Moi – Old Wooden Navy Dock

Barrel Chairs: Chez Moi – Half-Barrel Seat (Ocean, Red, Yellow, Aqua)

Table: Chez Moi – Barrel Table with Planks (Has multiscenes)

Pier Light: Chez Moi – Pier Lamp

Wooden Wheel and Barrel with Seagulls: Chez Moi – Navy Decor


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