All The Best Nights Happen Around A Bonfire.


Let’s talk about how super excited I am to work with GOOSE Home & Gardening! They are somewhat new to the scene and my god, do they have style! Without hesitation I would be first to stand up and say that I rank the work of Goose with some of the top, household, brand names across the grid. Whether you are looking commercial buildings, homes, or home décor, both indoor and out, you’ll find something to fancy your eye at Goose.

Above is their latest, Fire pit patio (pictured as the full set), and its absolutely amazing. The perfect setting for those evenings with good friends, or a cozy moment with your lover. The set comes with five, yes five, different colored beanbags. All with poses/animations, and the patio needs no words really. It’s obvious how grand and beautiful it is.

Take a moment to look at the ridic, cute pumpkin lanterns. Tis the season, right? The lantern, which also includes a hanging lantern, are the current group gift! I look forward to bringing you more things fabulous from Goose, but until then use the landmark up there in the link and get this fire pit, throw a party!


Fire Pit/patio, beanbags (5 different colors), and pumpkin lanterns (ground and hanging (not pictured) ) –  All new from GOOSE! (Lanterns are a group gift!) (Link above)

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