Self Rescuing Princess.

SaveMyselfCureCon is under full swing with its doors opening a couple days ago, on the 4th, and closing on the 10th. So you still have a few days left to get in on the action! If you are into the gaming of cosplaying side of secondlife, get there! While the event seems mostly focused on things of those like, there are some really cute, versatile items, both fashion, pose, and accessory alike. In other words, there is something there for everyone!

Like I said before, this event is for a super good cause, Breast Cancer Awareness, and it is October which is the national month to recognize the disease, its survivors, and those who have lost their battle with it. We can only hope with the continual advancements that are being made in the medical field, that one day we’ll have a cure or at least a better marker to determine those who may be affected by it.

Until then, please everyone..yes, both male and female, please check yourselves regular, be aware of your body. Early detection increases your chances of survival tremendously. Please do not let something, you may think is even insignificant go unchecked.


Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body

Skin: Essences – Ingrid (Dark01)

Hair: Truth – Elyse (Black & Whites)

Hands: Slink – Elegant Hands

Glasses: MELONopolis – Spooky Glasses (Gacha at CureCon)

Lips: Hush – Lipcolors (Natural Matte)

Mouth: PXL Creations – Open Mouth Pro v2.0

Shirt: Hedgehog – Self-Rescuing Princess (Found at CureCon)

Shorts: Nena – Gym Shorts (Colors)

Sword:  Taetra – War Sword (Found at CureCon)

Bracelet: Glint – Womens Cancer Ribbon Watch N Bracelets (Found at CureCon)

Pose: Verocity – Posh Pose Pack (Pose 1) (Found at CureCon)


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