You Ain’t My Mister J.


With Halloween right around the corner and the upcoming, no doubt to be a hit, Suicide Squad moving. Of course people are, as if they’ve not always been, crazy with Harley Quinn. She and The Joker have always been my picks, seeing as I’ve never been one much on the side of justice and good. I prefer chaotic and crazy, hell its why I’m still with Jack after nearly a year (next month =] ).

So needless to say that this costume from IMMORTAL called ‘Suicide Tribute Damaged’, was perfect for this picture! It comes with everything you need, attire wise, from shirt to shoes. It even has a leather coat with it, which I chose not to wear, because I outright adored these arm warmers. While it doesn’t come compatible for mesh bodies, I am wearing the Maitreya Lara body, so you can make it work!

The hair, FINALLY, there is a quality hair out there that offers different options and not a unison pick for color. People in this world want choice, and that is exactly what RunAway Hair gave us with ‘Harley’. Don’t like the blue and pink, change it up! You can pick from a ridiculous amount of color combinations.

Lastly, ROMP (link below), closes in a couple days. So before that happens, scoot your cute little rumps over there and pick up this pose from Rack Poses, Burning Desire. It comes with the props you see, chair, blindfold, roping, and it also comes with a candle, which I replaced with the knife for my picture. It was super cute and while you can modify it, I didn’t need to adjust at all!


Body: Maitreya – Lara

Skin: Essences – Jamie (Med02)

Hair and Makeup: Runaway – Harley Hair (Ombres & Roots)

Hands/Feet: Slink – Elegant Hands & High Feet

Blood Splatter Body: Ama. – Blood Splatter (With Appliers)

Blood on Face: Corvus – Murder Face Tattoo

Lips: Hush – Lipcolors (Candied)

Mouth: Eyelure – Pout Mouth

Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears ver2

Outfit/Shoes: IMMORTAL – Suicide Tribute Damaged

Stockings: Avicandy – Ripped Thigh High (Licorice)

Knife: ABRTechnologies – Army Knife


Skin: Aeros – Miles Skin (Irish Creme)

Hair: Entente: Thubaut (B&W Midnight Black)

Hands: Slink – Male Relaxed Hands

FacePaint: \W/urban – Joker Tattoo

Chest Scars: Ghurab – Severely Scarred Upper Body

Bloody Chest: RandomCity – Chest Wound (More Blood)

Pants: F.A.D – Classy Men’s Pants (Black)

Pose: Rack Poses – Burning Desire (Chair, Blindfold, and Ropes included)  (Found at ROMP)

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