Boho For The Holidays.

Boho Holiday

Who said you can’t keep that warm feeling of Boho around, when it’s cold outside? Besides, it not a matter of style but life. So grab your hookah’s, smoke your ‘marijuanika’, its time for Hanukah? Well, Adam Sandler sang it much better, but you feel me.

A great addition to not only the holiday décor, but your relaxed and carefree style? Goose! They have released the most fabulous single and couple fitting bean bag couches, eves. Each come with a texture hud, to allow you to match the color to your choice, and multiple animations, even sequences on the couple couches.

Also, tis the season! Be sure to pick up the Goose group gift, pictured in the left corner, pillow pile. The pillows are very neutral in color, going with virtually any décor you have going on, and come with a super cute Christmas like scheme, as well as animations for singles.


Bean Bag Couches & Pillow Pile: Goose – Bean Bag Couch (Single & Double) (Pillows are free group gift)

Curtain: Languor – Bohemian Curtains Solid

Rug: Junk. – Wannabe Boho Rug (Two)

Hookah – LOVE – Hookah

Side table: AppleFall – Fleur Sideboard (Grey)

Frames on Wall: Petite Mort – Pile of Vintage Frames (Blue)

Bottled Candles: LadyBunny’s – Pretty Gypsy Bottles


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