Sugar And Spice.

Sugar and Spice

If there is one thing I love about the holidays, its the food! I can Om Nom Nom on dinner and it’s leftovers for what feels like hours! It’s just one of the reasons that makes the holidays the best! From November, if you live in the states, till the end of the year…we are all about some goodies and shopping!

So, while I was off enjoying the Thanksgiving festivities, Chez Moi was cooking up something in their own kitchen…this, well…kitchen! It’s wonderfully made, comes with tons of animations available in both the clean or dirty kind, and I don’t mean spilled milk *wink wink*.

Literally everything you see in the photo, aside the house (Thank you Funky Junk) and the outfit (We’ll get to that), is from Chez Moi. Everyone knows that Shabby is chic and it’s most definitely the hottest trends in décor as of late. So this kitchen and all its worn wood and country like feel is perfect for the season.

Also, Eyelure has been a busy little elf early this year! The ridiculously cute cropped top, with it’s witty like saying can be found in store, in both black and grey. I mix matched the pants with the top, as both come compatible for classic and mesh avatars. You cannot go wrong by shopping Eyelure, when you are looking for comfy and sexy.


Body: Maitreya – Lara Body

Head: Logo – Alex Head

Hair: Lamb – Wake Up (From the Sept Arcade Gacha)

Skin: Glam Affair – India 10 Gacha (Found at Shiny Shabby)

Shirt & Sweats: Eyelure – Cupcake

Entire Kitchen Setup: Chez Moi – Shabby Kitchen Complete

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