Hold On To What Keeps You Warm Inside.

Hold On To Whatever Keeps You Warm Inside

It appears to me that the Winter Trend 2015 is going to be a shopping extravaganza! So many great items are being previewed for the fourth, and that is just from people I blog for! I can only imagine what the event will be like in its entirety.

Above, you’ll find the exclusive collaboration of Goose Home & Gardening and Wet Cat poses. Like I cannot stress how hot this pairing is! There are multiple poses with the choice of the blanket or not, but the blanket just adds to the hotness! You can also customize the blanket’s textures and colors to fit your needs. I was so excited to blog this upon receiving it, that it is killing me to wait for its turn to be posted tomorrow!

The pose is modifiable, as is the blanket, so it fit you and your loved one perfect. Remember, it is a exclusive release for the Winter Trend. That being said, take advantage of it, while you can!

Oh! Also the Arcade has began, and I am STILL waiting…impatiently waiting, to get in. *Insert pouty mad face*. But I did manage to grab a couple things from A La Venta Yardsale, its a great place to buy or sale! One of which being this super cute Husky from Xin’s husky gacha. It’s only 1LI, which shocked me…but viva la mesh! The second thing I picked up was actually a freebie gift from the Arcade, that little snow globe atop the mantel.

Quick shout out to both *Funky*Junk* and Atooly.home, this timberline cabin was picked up for only 50L during a Fifty Linden Friday round. Often *Funky*Junk* has specials during FLF, and I LOVE using their homes for pictures. In fact I use them in nearly any picture I take! This one, I found ridiculously nice, as it even has a option to make the windows appear as if it were snowing outside, as you can see.

You can catch a little more than a glimpse of a item that were featured at, you guessed it, FLF by Atooly. The Fairytale room divider, came in a few colors to choose from, and looks like the portion you see for 3 full panels. The lights are something I love, as well as the versatile of this piece to work with nearly any décor. I’m not sure why I took so long to stumble on Atooly, but you can bet I will be featuring more of their things in the future. I have noticed that they are perfect for those filler/accent pieces. Great work!



Body, Panties, Bra: Maitreya – Lara (included panty and bra set)

Skin: Essences – Ingrid (Dark01)

Hair: Truth – Ryleigh (Variety Pack, black)

Hands: Slink – Elegant Hands

Socks: Izzie’s – Over knee Lace


Skin: Aeros – Miles Skin/Shape (Irish Crème)

Hair: Entente – Thubaut Hair (Blacks)

Hands/Feet: Slink – Male Relaxed Hands & Flat Feet

Tattoos: Reckless – Cole Tattoos

Pajama Pants: Apple May – Jammy’s (Blue)


Home: Funky Junk – Timberline

Christmas Tree: DDD – Christmas Tree

Dog: Xin – Husky ‘Cookies’ (Found at this round of The Arcade Gacha)

Presents: Random boxes I had from opening things

Rug: Dust Bunny – Braided Rug (From Sept Arcade)

Snow Globe: Gift from the Arcade December Round (FREE)

Joy Bottles: Digs – Joyful Bottle Décor

Stockings: Were picked up so long ago, that I cannot find the information on them (Sorry)

Divider: Atooly – Fairytale Room Divider with Lights (White)

Blanket/Pose: Collaboration of Goose & Wet Cat – “Shades of Winter” with Prop Blanket. (Found at the Winter Trend 2015, opening Dec 4th, landmark to follow)





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