Simply Serene.

Simply Serene.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and what better way to spend winding down dinner and dates than in a simply beautiful and naughty candlelit bath? Chez Moi has constructed us a beautiful, peaceful, and clean bathroom ensemble. Literally everything you see, you can get from Chez Moi, except the Cat and the Curtains!

There are adult animations, if that’s up your alley! *Nudge Nudge, Wink, wink!* But honestly the most impressive thing about this set, in my opinion, is the fact that literally everything has a color hud! So it is sure to match, whatever décor scheme your little heart desires!


Bathroom Furniture: Sink, Tub, Day Bed, Wall hangings, Clothes in floor, Mirror, Towel Rack, Tub Racks, Rugs… all! Chez Moi, found on either Marketplace or in their above!

Cat: Pixicat – Sphinx Basket Gacha Cat *Sitting* (Arcade Sept’15)

Curtains: ASO – Vintage Curtains


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