Life’s A Beach.

Life's A Beach.

This round of The Gacha Garden is amazing! One of the reasons, Goose! Goose Home & Gardening has delivered one of my most favorites yet! This Beach Set ‘SIO Juara Beach House’ and ‘Sea la Vie’ gacha set is just adorable!

I just got back from a small mini-cation and I wanted to get this out here, since today is the opening of The Gacha Garden. I promise to have up a pic tonight, or at least by tomorrow with the wonderful beachy bum items within the set. So until then I will include the gacha key pic, below. There are two options, PG and Adult, for each pull for a slightly different price.

The house, is their ‘Seed of Inspiration” which means after you play the gacha 20 times. You automatically receive the item! The ‘SoI’ items are not part of the commons or even rares, but ‘grand gifts!’ as I like to think, which is rather cool. There are a lot of cool items for the ‘SoI’ throughout the vendors, Goose’s is one of my favorites and totally worth the pulls!

Also, one of my most favorite places to take pictures, Baja, has opened up yet another sim to add to the other fabulous beach destinations. There is a small fee to join the group, but it gives bloggers access to lay out things for wonderful pictures. If you like it as much as I do, you can also rent a beach house her! Follow the link to the new sim  Baja Sands, and soak up the sun!GOOSE - SEA la VIE bedroom set gacha

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