Spread Your Wings And Let The Fairy In You Fly.

Spread Your Wings And Let The Fairy In You Fly.

As promised, here comes the slew of posts about the fabulous finds at the upcoming Home and Gardening Expo “The Expo”. Gates open in just two days, do you hear me!? Just two more days, one for some of you across the pond. Now, I know there are some of you who love to texture things. The more textures you have the merrier!

That being said, Fabric Lab, has you covered! They have a huge, and do I mean huge selection of wonderful textures for anything you can imagine! In this photo I sampled textures from each of the packs offering a 100% donation to the Relay For Life. But once you enter their exhibit you’ll find literally tons of fabrics to choose from. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see more of their stuff in my upcoming posts!

Now, if you like to texture and you aren’t a creator. Then you’re like me! I keep saying I am going to teach myself to work with mesh, but I keep finding myself staring at a box, jaw dropped, with nothing but respect for those who do work with mesh. Seriously, I have mad respect for you all.

So, if you need someone to do the tough work for you, and give you sculpted goodies to texture, look to .:UR:.. They’ve been in the business since 2007 and have created tons of goodies for you to modify to your hearts content! This round, they brought some really cute things. Above you’ll see their two 100% donation items, ‘Chole Bird Fountain’ and ‘Wild Mushroom Table Set’ (Which I textured, using Fabric Lab’s two 100% donation packs).

You’ll find both these fabulous creators at the The Expo in section 3, which is known as “Hope 3“. I’ll attach a map of the section below, to help you navigate your way around a bit more easily, because honesty this event is HUGE!

Fountain, Bench, & Mushroom Table: .:UR:. – Found in Hope 3 at The Expo

Texture of Mushroom Table – Fabric Lab – “ME Garden Terrace Texture Collection & ME Spring Casa Texture Collection” (Found in Hope 3 at The Expo, link above)


Map Hope 3



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