Never Lose Hope

The Home and Gardening Expo is in full swing! There are still some amazing finds to seek across the sim. These above, more goodies from ‘Hope 3’. To deliver this serene and peaceful setting, you’ll need the items from none other than the fabulous creators within The Expo!

The pieces used to paint this pretty picture of hope, are T-Spot Mesh, What-A-Mesh, and Tylar’s Treasures! Remember, each designer has developed a beautiful creation with a donation to the Relay for Life, set at 100%. That is where the majority of this comes from!


T-Spot Mesh – Wooden Planter, Spring Willow Tree, and Hollow Tree ‘Never Lose Hope’

What-A-Mesh – Full Perm Wild Branch, Tree Stump 1&2, and Stone Fence Long

Tylar’s Treasures – Spring Chalkpaint Bench, Spring Gazing Ball

All Found at The Expo, in section ‘Hope 3’, shopping guide below


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