Every Little Girls Dream.

Every Little Girls Dream.
Again! Here we are with more goodies from The Expo! You’ll find these in or right around Hope3.

Above, there are some interesting things going on. For instance, the toys used, in the floor, are actually full size, usable, items. I shrunk them down, like toys, for the picture. Here you’ll find many of the 100% donation items, as well as some extras, like the pool from DATSI.

Many of the textures used in the picture were from two of the texture vendors in Hope3, Cupid’s Textures, Fabric Lab, GFC textures. They have literally too many to even begin to mention, just know they are all fabulous.

The cute sun and cloud hanging, and the mosaic photo cube were both from OCD. Each item their 100% donation items for the Relay for Life. Another 100% donation item is the ‘cupcake, cake’ from Aphrodite. The table is a gift, and way cute.


Wall Hanging: OCD – Child Sun and Cloud Rain Decor (Scripted)(Found at The Expo, link above)

Crib:.:Papilio:. – Crib Mesh – Fullperm

Purple Chair: DATSI Mesh – Inflatable Children’s Chair 4 Mesh Model(The Expo)

Gazebo: DATSI Mesh – Flower Gazebo (The Expo)

Submarine: DATSI Mesh – Toy Submarine Mesh Model (The Expo)

Pool & Chairs: DATSI Mesh – Round & Square Beach Chair & Pool Setting Display (The Expo)

Doll: *MR Designs* – Cute Doll Purple Dots (Gacha on MP)

DollHouse: LeMomo – DollsHouse wPoses [ToddleeDoo] GIFT!

Table: Aphrodite – RFL table gift (The Expo)

Boxes: Aphrodite – RFL cupcakes box, Cookie Box (The Expo)

Cake: Aphrodite = Relay for life cake 100 % donation! (The Expo)

Box Mosaic Frame: OCD – RFL Mosaic Frames (The Expo)

Shutters: GFC – Shutter Texture & Silver Frame ‘Words to Live By’ Texture (The Expo)

Rug, Pillow, sheets, and Crib Wood Texture: Fabric Lab – Montauk Textiles & White Wood Textures Pack (The Expo)

Crib Blanket: Cupids Textures – Be Amazing Hud (The Expo)

Curtains: ASO!- Vintage Curtain (white)


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