Sunset Is Still My Favorite Color.

Sunset Is Still My Favorite Color.

It’s Cosmopolitan time, not to mention spring time. If you have a pintrest account or are a avid DIY kind of person. Then you know all the craze surrounding pallets. Who would have thought one could make so much with something that were discarded as trash for many years?!

Goose has done just that! Turned pallets into very trendy and neutral furniture! The set is very versatile, able for both indoor and outdoor use. You can find this wonderful set, exclusively at this round of the Cosmopolitan!

It comes with tons of poses/sequences for single or couples, and the lights even turn on and off. If that weren’t cute enough, the free gift you see there (which is found at the mainstore, links below) has the option for the three candles to flame or not. All the items, today, are copyable too!


Patio Set: Goose – Pallet Porch Set (includes couple chair, single chair, pallet table, and hanging light)  (Found at The Cosmopolitan)

Rug: West End – Lotus Wool Rug (Chocolate Cornflower)

Potted Plants: CHEZ MOI – Douillet Potted Plant

House/Porch: GOOSE – Juara beach house

Heart Candle:  GOOSE – Love is a candle light (free)(Group Gift at Mainstore)

Picture Taken at the beautiful: Baja Norte

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