My Body Is On The Earth, But My Head Is In The Stars.

My Body Is On The Earth But My Head Is In The Stars.

So a quick explanation about my absence. I do a lot of my blogging during the day. Things got really hectic at work, in that we lost an employee, and I was forced to do two jobs for the month of April. Thankfully, that has now been handled and I am back to having my normal schedule.

I would like to thank my sponsors for standing by me during this ordeal. I only lost one, which I hate, because I truly enjoyed blogging for them. But sometimes, real life happens and that can’t be avoided. I thought I did my part by sending a notecard, explaining my absence and then updating each, but at times I guess you cannot please them all.

Regardless, thank you all for your patience…and its great to be back!



Tent with hanging star lights: Chez Moi – Mystical Tent (Found at Chapter 4)

Wicker Chair: Chez Moi – Wicker Chair Good Mood

Curtain: ASO! – Vintage Curtain (vintage)

Heart String Lights: +Half-Deer+ – Stringlight Clutter – Heart

Cat:  –Pixicat– – Bastet.Sphynx (Sprawl)

End Table: MudHoney Nola Table Bleached

Rug: MudHoney Nola Rug Diamond

Book Shelf: -STRIKE IT- Spring Dreams – Bookshelf

Flower on Table:  Rose -STRIKE IT- Spring Dreams – Rose


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