Something You Want To Say?

Something You Want To Say?

Let’s close out February with some super sexy somethings from Eyelure! This ridiculous hot and naughty dress is found at the mainstore, available in some really cute colors too!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to drop by Verocity Poses and pick up a pose pack to complete your sexy portrait. This pose is from the pose pack containing six poses and their mirrors, named Dahlia. Continue reading


Feelin’ Myself.

Feelin Myself.

Every girl loves new lingerie! Whether it’s something extravagantly naughty or just simple and sexy…we love lingerie! That being said, I’d love to introduce you to simply sexy, named appropriately, ‘Perfect Bra and Panty Set’ by Eyelure. You can find this cute little number, for those already sexy mesh bods, at her mainstore! Continue reading

Define Naughty.

Define Naughty.

Okay, so I know that Christmas has came and gone. We’ve welcomed the new year, and I hope it’s already been a prosperous one for all of you. However, I could not and I mean could not pass up a photo op with these panties from Eyelure. Besides, naughty is something that is fashionable all year long, am I right?

So let’s take one more look back at Christmas, before we pack away our trees. Besides, it’s bad luck to take down your tree before the new year anyway. Should be the same for putting it up before Thanksgiving, but that’s neither here nor there…

Anyway, be sure to run and grab these panties from Eyelure’s mainstore, before they’ll gone! They fit mesh, which pretty much everything does nowadays and come in fabulous colors! Not to mention, you’ll find some other sayings to choose from too. Continue reading

Everything In The End Will Be Okay. If It’s Not Okay, Then It’s Not The End.

Everything Will Be Okay In The End.

Looking for the perfect ‘go to’ shirt? Want to wear it boldly, show a little skin, or use it as a under layer and layer it up? Look no further than these cute little tops from Eyelure! You can find these at her mainstore, available in multiple colors. This particular one, with the golden arrows, happens to be my favorite! Continue reading

Cold Hands, Warm Heart.

 Cold Hands Warm Heart.

While it’s cold out, this outfit is super hot! So grab those thigh highs, that every guy loves, and put on this super sexy jean skirt and top from Eyelure. You can find those cute combinations at this round of the Designer Circle for, get this…ONLY 99L EACH! You cannot and I do mean, cannot, beat that!

The shirts are really adorable with their ‘laced up’ back. These skirts come in different washes, to match the variety of colored shirts that you’ll find. The outfit is perfect for both cold and warm weather. Just pair it with uggs and a furred vest, like I did above.

Like the pose? Be sure to stop by ‘Hello Tuesday’, yes…I know its Wed. but you should still be able to grab it for halfsies… It’s from Verocity Pose, named Jacey Pose set, including 6 poses and the mirrors. Continue reading

The Past Is All I Have To Cling To.

 The Past Is All I Have To Cling To.

Hey lovelies! It’s been a minute, I know. Halloween week has been a whirlwind of parties, both adult and kid friendly, as well as planning my baby boy’s fifth birthday party…However, things are beginning to settle down again and I’m back! Back with a really cute set of tops from Eyelure. That’s right, I said ‘tops’. This time its a two for one deal at Eyelure on these sweet little ‘Lily Tops’. I found them perfect for that extra flirty flare, as well as cute for a simple innocently like lingerie effect. Be sure to stop by the mainstore and grab yours today!

Also be sure to run to Hello Tuesday, before midnight and grab this great pose back from Verocity Pose! It includes 6 static poses, plus mirrored versions of them. The name of the pose pack is “Roxy” and its sure to rock your picture world! Continue reading