Oh Look! It’s Coffee O’Clock.

Oh Look It's Coffee O'Clock

Easter has came and gone, the food is now settling in our bellies, candy is strung out galore, and then family is gone! However, tomorrow is the last the day for the Lost & Found event. So that means you need to hurry on over and get your hands on this super cute and versatile café set. The set is exclusive, so literally your time is running out!

It has very nice animations and accessories! The coffee, chalkboard, sign would be a favorite of mine. The steaming coffee cups, and simple design are just perfect for any scheme. Continue reading


Sunset Is Still My Favorite Color.

Sunset Is Still My Favorite Color.

It’s Cosmopolitan time, not to mention spring time. If you have a pintrest account or are a avid DIY kind of person. Then you know all the craze surrounding pallets. Who would have thought one could make so much with something that were discarded as trash for many years?!

Goose has done just that! Turned pallets into very trendy and neutral furniture! The set is very versatile, able for both indoor and outdoor use. You can find this wonderful set, exclusively at this round of the Cosmopolitan!

It comes with tons of poses/sequences for single or couples, and the lights even turn on and off. If that weren’t cute enough, the free gift you see there (which is found at the mainstore, links below) has the option for the three candles to flame or not. All the items, today, are copyable too! Continue reading

The Only Thing Missing Is You And Me.

The Only Thing Missing Is You And Me.

Today, the day that comes once every four years, is the day that Cosmopolitan opens its doors. There you’ll find a ton of cool items, like the ones above. These are from Goose! The deck and stairs were from the last round of the Cosmo, but you can still find them at the mainstore, here’s the link.

What you will find, this round, would be the fabulously adorable floating paper lilies, available in five colors, and this floating oasis of a bed! The lilies are ridiculously cute with functioning ‘on/off’ lights, and as always the bed has wonderful animations for both single and couples!

Oh! Before I forget, Goose now has their very own webpage! You’ll find the link for it here! So be sure to go and follow up on them, bookmark it, RSS it, or whatever you have to do to keep up with all the latest from one of the grids hottest décor designers.

I Love You.

I Love You.
The Cosmopolitan
is full of love! Tis the month of hearts, candies, and all things cuddly. While you’re out planning for the big night, just a few days away…Yeah! That night, you know Valentines Day? Consider this your reminder fellas *wags finger at*. Make that night special for your hunny by setting it up, starting with the heart!

By heart, I mean heart shaped bed of course! Goose Home and Gardening has whipped up a little something, something, to ensure you a good night. The bed, know as ‘Better With Two’, is a exclusive for Valentines Day. It comes in both PG and Adult, and has tons of animations from friendly to bow chica wow wow, if you opt for the adult version.

Also, to add a little cherry atop your perfect ‘hunny swooning’ set up. The Pose Shop has came up with a few very cute goodies, located over at The Thrift Shop. One being a diamond ring, and its not just any sort of diamond, it’s a twist to the normal and very trendy. Make sure you check it out, while you’re there picking up this awesome “XO” wall frame. The option to have your “XO” either floral patterned or white and black is there, as well you can add your own personal pictures! Continue reading

Sea La Vie, Just You And Me.

Sea La Vie, Just You And Me.

As promised, here is a more lively look at the ‘Sea La Vie’ gacha items from Goose, at The Gacha Garden. This set is just ridiculously cute, and if it takes you twenty tries to obtain it, then even better! Because after the twenty pulls, you’ll receive the ‘Seed of Inspiration’ (SoI)..the beach house! Seen here!

The colors, even the wood, are just so tranquil that it’s impossible not to feel relaxed. I’m not sure how the weather is, where you are, but here the thoughts of the warm sun and sand is just beyond welcoming right now!

The bed would be the RARE in this set, as I said in the previous post. You can play either the PG or the Adult set, just meaning that the bed has adult animations. The price difference is very little, I believe it was a difference of 20L. I’ll assure you that its well worth it. Now the pose used, is a pose from the actual bed. I just adjusted it, so that it would face the camera. The animation within the poses are very clean and thoughtful in relaying the moment, if that makes sense…they…sent the mood, if you will.

I also snagged a couple of the little cute items within this picture at the Gacha Garden as well. My hair was a grab from Bold and Beauty, very cute. This was a ombre pack, still looking to get my hands on the blacks pack, if anyone wants to trade! It’s resizable, with a hud, and has super cute color combinations.

Also, the pup from JIAN! I named her ‘Poot’. Jack doesn’t agree, calls me strange… lucky him. It’s in a set of a ton of cute pups, it has slight animation to it and a super cute bow atop its pretty little head.

Lastly, Kalopsia managed to deliver, via the luck of the pull, this nice plant. The plant is named ‘Cloudy Frithia’ in blue. It looks like a sturdy little thing, and good thing too! Because I swear I have a black thumb. I had a virtual ‘living’ lily…killed it. True story, don’t judge me. Continue reading

Life’s A Beach.

Life's A Beach.

This round of The Gacha Garden is amazing! One of the reasons, Goose! Goose Home & Gardening has delivered one of my most favorites yet! This Beach Set ‘SIO Juara Beach House’ and ‘Sea la Vie’ gacha set is just adorable!

I just got back from a small mini-cation and I wanted to get this out here, since today is the opening of The Gacha Garden. I promise to have up a pic tonight, or at least by tomorrow with the wonderful beachy bum items within the set. So until then I will include the gacha key pic, below. There are two options, PG and Adult, for each pull for a slightly different price.

The house, is their ‘Seed of Inspiration” which means after you play the gacha 20 times. You automatically receive the item! The ‘SoI’ items are not part of the commons or even rares, but ‘grand gifts!’ as I like to think, which is rather cool. There are a lot of cool items for the ‘SoI’ throughout the vendors, Goose’s is one of my favorites and totally worth the pulls!

Also, one of my most favorite places to take pictures, Baja, has opened up yet another sim to add to the other fabulous beach destinations. There is a small fee to join the group, but it gives bloggers access to lay out things for wonderful pictures. If you like it as much as I do, you can also rent a beach house her! Follow the link to the new sim  Baja Sands, and soak up the sun! Continue reading

Ready To Be Your Valentine.

Ready To Be Your Valentine.

While there are times that I can ‘class it up’, I am completely a comfy kind of her girl. I enjoy yoga pants, knee socks, and tank tops. I can wear heels, but I prefer the comfort of UGGS. This being said, is one of the reasons that I absolutely adore blogging for Eyelure. Willow just…gets me. If I had to compare her style to anything “real life”, it would be along the lines of ‘Victoria Secret Pink’ collections. She just keeps it simple, and simple is often beautiful.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the girl can sure as hell class it out! Like this little sexy black dress, she released not so long ago, or this sexy New Years Eve ensemble that were released, well, for New Years Eve. It’s the outfits, like the one above, that I tend to migrate to. It’s simple, it’s sexy, and it’s versatile. Well, the top is. Then again everyone needs panties and she makes some really cute ones!

These are the Valentine Day panty pack, comes with seven pair. They are compatible for both classic and mesh avatars. They have some of the cutest designs featuring hearts and stripes ever! Continue reading