Sweets For The Sweet.

 Sweets For The Sweet.

Food, who doesn’t love it!? Especially in a world where your body is controlled by that of slider bars…Le sigh…if only in the real world, right? Anyhow, nothing says fantasy like a super hot girl pigging out. What makes it even more cute?! These new sleepy pajama’s from Eyelure. They come in really cute matching tops and bottoms, as well as some basic colors, and you can grab yours at this round of the Designer Circle!

Also another goody good, for those of you that are already part of the Lamb Vip group. You ‘Little Lambs’ can pick up a adorable gift named ‘Lovesong’, available as the fatpack to those whom are members…which, come on, everyone should be a member by now.

Don’t forget that this Tuesday is another round of Hello Tuesday! There you can find another fabulous set of poses from Verocity, this one from the Aimra pose pack (Mirrors included). Think that’s great, Verocity had a announcement to share with us…She’s joined forces with a friend to begin releasing mesh items! First up, is this really rustic, farm style, table you see me laying on. They have a ton things in the works, so be sure to keep n touch and I’ll update you as quickly as possible! Continue reading

Feelin’ Myself.

Feelin Myself.

Every girl loves new lingerie! Whether it’s something extravagantly naughty or just simple and sexy…we love lingerie! That being said, I’d love to introduce you to simply sexy, named appropriately, ‘Perfect Bra and Panty Set’ by Eyelure. You can find this cute little number, for those already sexy mesh bods, at her mainstore! Continue reading

I Don’t Feel So Graceful Today.

I Dont Feel So Graceful Today

Eyelure has dropped another another fabulous design on us, this top! Named the “Bralet Top”, this top is ridiculously cute. It’s design can serve many purposes, from dressy to gym time messy. It fits classic avatars, as well as the Maitreya, slink, and so on. You can pick yours up at the mainstore, definitely a cute addition to any girl’s closet!

Also Suicide Dollz has some fabulous poses this round, this one comes from Verocity Poses. It’s one out of the Bethany pose pack, which is very versatile with use. Mirrored poses of each are also included, so it’s even more flexible in use for those perfect settings.

She also brought a trio pose to the mix, which looks rather nice. So don’t forget to check it while you’re there as well! Continue reading

Baby, I’m The Lucky One.

Im The Lucky One

Three more days, until Tres Chic opens up! Something really cute, you’ll find there, comes from Goose Home & Gardening. Cute stuff always comes from them though, right? This round you’ll find a collection dubbed “Love & Family Set” Which is just as versatile, as it is adorbs.

In this set, you can buy as a whole or purchase separately, you’ll get the cute string flags, wooden crates of pillows, wooden art with lights, and both the ‘Family & Love’ wall art. The multiple photos on each, are a huge plus me as I like taking pictures! All you do is drag into place, it’s super easy. The worn out look of the wood could easily go with either something beachy, like above, or even primitive.

Also, The Pose Shop! If anything I have came to realize that Piper makes some of my most favorite couple poses. This one, know as Pose 71, is super cute and sexy. It captures you right in that moment, and can look as innocent or naughty as you please! You’ll have to shop around The Pose Shop mainstore for this one! Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Okay, so, I’m a few days late…but the holidays are totally hectic for me. I love, and I never take, family time for granted. However, thank god, they’re over and I can get back to the bizniz…I’ve missed you guys!

Now, I’m not sure if you made it to the Cosmopolitan for it’s last round in 2015, but if you did…then surely you hit up Goose’s gacha. I was in love with their designs from the moment that I came across them, but honestly they just keep getting better and better! Tomorrow I’ll toss up the exclusive that you can find at Cosmopolitan’s first round of 2016, it’s ridiculously adorable!

Also, nothing says party like a little black dress. Eyelure tossed us these killer, sexy, threads last week. The gold and back bow trimmed dress is just to die for. She’s another one who just continues to bring it to the game. She even tossed in this rather flashy red lip stick, just to make sure you look your best!

Chez Moi introduced us to a great year end, beginning, find with this  romantique dinner table. Which I may add, would be perfect for Valentines Day! It comes complete with plate setting options, many different types of cuisine, and cloth colors.

Also, the pose would be from a set named, Alyssa in the fabulous collections of Verocity Pose, where you can nearly guarantee to find them for halfsie, every Tuesday at Hello Tuesday! Continue reading