The Sun Is Alone Too, But It Still Shines.

The Sun Is Alone Too, But It Still Shines.

Just because I am such a fan of this romper from Eyelure. I wanted to do another quick post to show off the dress a little more in its entirety. I hope you like it, as much as I do!

Also! While I love my Logo head, I branched out and purchased a Lelukta head “Stella”, because of this skin from Essences! Ugh, I swear I think I’m forever faithful to Mr. Lambert and his work! It’s just great. This skin applier can be found at Shiny Shabby, which still has a few days left. So please get there while you can. Continue reading


I Want You In Ever Way There Is To Want A Person.

I Want You In Every Way There Is To Want A Person.

Quick post after the holiday weekend, for us stateside anyhow. This little number is a new release from Eyelure, and I absolutely love it!

I have been blogging for Willow, at Eyelure, for nearly a year now. I kind of feel that we’ve both grown respectfully in our talents. While hers is way much complicated than mine. I am so proud and excited to watch her continue to venture out and test the waters of different styles.

While I can assure you that no one does ‘everyday comfy’ clothes like Eyelure. It’s really nice to see her branch out a bit, and try trendy looks and dresses such as this one! You can find this simple and cute dress at both the Mainstore and Marketplace!

No dress is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. Right now, my favorite pair of heels are complimentarily of I snatched these beyond stylish heels up at Shiny Shabby. They are perfect for all the cute summer outfits that are releasing on the daily! Continue reading

All Through The House.

All Through The House

Fifteen days! Do you hear me!? Fifteen days is all you have to get those loved ones some presents, if they’ve been nice that is…however, if they’ve been naughty, well that’s not always a bad thing either *nudge nudge* Am I right?

If you do as I do and shop for your SL loved ones, as well as your real life loved ones, not much difference in my opinion. Perhaps think about doing some last minute shopping at the Arcade and the Winter Trend. You’re sure to find something for everyone at either place. Don’t forget Chez Moi and Goose for all your holiday décor and accents. Continue reading

Santa Baby.

Santa Baby

Christmas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Regardless of what you celebrate, December is a very enjoyable time of year. In a world as corrupt as we currently live in, sadly. It seems that December is the one time of the year that people of all walks of life come together. I’m super excited for many reasons.

This is my second Christmas with Jack, which is a gift all in itself. Plus, the Arcade Gacha is coming up! I am a Christmas décor whore, I can’t help it! Hopefully this year, I will get to pick the color of our tree, last year…it was green and I’m really wanting a red one!

Okay, enough rambling, let’s get to the goodies! This hair, Truth, thank you! A new release by Mr. Hawks, Amoret, is just lovely. I absolutely adore the two braids, intermingled with the rest. It was a very nice touch!

Also, while the Shiny Shabby round is still in order, check out Apple May’s booth for these really sexy, satin, tanks and shorts! They come in a few different colors, the burgundy, being a favorite of mine. There was just something about its color that was your every day typical pallet.

Oh! Check out the skin…hmm, you like? I know its not my usual, as I am a die hard Essences fan. However, I am loving this Logo mesh head and Essences is making most of its skins for the Catwa head. So, while I was shopping Shiny Shabby, I came by the Glam Affair Melanie gacha. Then, oh I dunno, what seemed like fifty pulls later…I finally received the India shade skin 10. So, if any of you are reading this and would like any of the other tones, I more than likely have…shoot me a IM and consider it a early Christmas present!

Also, another little sneak peek at Goose’s gift. The ‘Cozy Pile of Christmas Pillows’ that I used in a previous post. These are super cute, come with single poses and are perfect for a holiday accent to your room’s décor.

Continue reading

Sugar And Spice.

Sugar and Spice

If there is one thing I love about the holidays, its the food! I can Om Nom Nom on dinner and it’s leftovers for what feels like hours! It’s just one of the reasons that makes the holidays the best! From November, if you live in the states, till the end of the year…we are all about some goodies and shopping!

So, while I was off enjoying the Thanksgiving festivities, Chez Moi was cooking up something in their own kitchen…this, well…kitchen! It’s wonderfully made, comes with tons of animations available in both the clean or dirty kind, and I don’t mean spilled milk *wink wink*.

Literally everything you see in the photo, aside the house (Thank you Funky Junk) and the outfit (We’ll get to that), is from Chez Moi. Everyone knows that Shabby is chic and it’s most definitely the hottest trends in décor as of late. So this kitchen and all its worn wood and country like feel is perfect for the season.

Also, Eyelure has been a busy little elf early this year! The ridiculously cute cropped top, with it’s witty like saying can be found in store, in both black and grey. I mix matched the pants with the top, as both come compatible for classic and mesh avatars. You cannot go wrong by shopping Eyelure, when you are looking for comfy and sexy. Continue reading

Waiting Is The Hardest Part.

Waiting Is The Hardest PartBack to the Shiny Shabby grind! Like I said, there were a couple things that really caught my eye during the first walk through. One being C’lest la vie’s design, seen here. The other design that I found myself fancying, is this innocently sexy number from Dead Dollz.

Especially created for the Maitreya mesh body Lara, this dress ‘Shierak’ fits perfectly, and looks just as sexy with or without the cardigan. The color above is silver, but it comes in a variety of colors from black to white and the pretty ones in between. Be sure to stop by the Dead Dollz both at Shiny Shabby, if you’re rocking the Matireya mesh, and buy yourself something innocently sexy for your lover! Continue reading