Sweets For The Sweet.

 Sweets For The Sweet.

Food, who doesn’t love it!? Especially in a world where your body is controlled by that of slider bars…Le sigh…if only in the real world, right? Anyhow, nothing says fantasy like a super hot girl pigging out. What makes it even more cute?! These new sleepy pajama’s from Eyelure. They come in really cute matching tops and bottoms, as well as some basic colors, and you can grab yours at this round of the Designer Circle!

Also another goody good, for those of you that are already part of the Lamb Vip group. You ‘Little Lambs’ can pick up a adorable gift named ‘Lovesong’, available as the fatpack to those whom are members…which, come on, everyone should be a member by now.

Don’t forget that this Tuesday is another round of Hello Tuesday! There you can find another fabulous set of poses from Verocity, this one from the Aimra pose pack (Mirrors included). Think that’s great, Verocity had a announcement to share with us…She’s joined forces with a friend to begin releasing mesh items! First up, is this really rustic, farm style, table you see me laying on. They have a ton things in the works, so be sure to keep n touch and I’ll update you as quickly as possible! Continue reading


But Baby It’s Cold Outside.

But Baby It's Cold Outside.

Like it or not, winter is no longer coming, but damn straight here. Now if you are a fan of the cold, then here you go. Here’s a little something prefect for you and your loved one to get cozy on, while enjoying flu season.
Chez Moi just released a really cute ski lift style chair, perfect to get close and warm with loved ones or just chill…literally…with your friends.

You can find this lift at this round of The Chapter Four, not to mention the glimpses of well deserved items such as the ‘winter fountain’ found at both the mainstore and marketplace. Also, the patio/porch furniture that was themed ‘Holiday Iron Patio Set’, Chez Moi’s item for Sanarae.

Always Kiss The Cook.

Always Kiss The Cook.

So the industrial wave is in full effect. What better to industrialize than your kitchen! Where can you find all the best items, SaNaRae. Who is responsible for this fabulous kitchen, loaded with animations, Chez Moi!

The set is loaded with tons of single, couple, and scene animations. The fridge door opens and closes, filled with food. You can set up the table to be filled with different dishes to match your ideas, and you don’t even have to sweat over the stove to do so.

You really wanting to kiss the cook? Don’t worry, you can do that and so much more with this set. You’ll have until the 18th of November to run and grab your own!

Did You Hear Something?

Did You Hear Something?

October is like my favorite! I adore all things that go bump in the night *nudge nudge*. Anyway, it’s the perfect weather to go camping, snuggling up with that significant other. So, pitch a tent, set by the fire, and enjoy the beautiful colors of Autumn.

Missing the camping gear? Don’t worry! Head on over to The Chapter Four and check out what Chez Moi has to offer. This super nice Tent, log bench, cozy fire, and picnic basket is perfect for a weekend getaway.

The fire comes with a HUD to control everything from the lighting of the fire to the sound of its crackling embers. There are multiple single, couple, and activity animations…even the ones to help you stay extra warm. *Brow wriggle* Continue reading

Hello Autumn.

Hello Autumn.

It’s my favorite time of the year! Autumn, I just love it. The colors, the weather, and Halloween…always a favorite of mine. But before we all run to get dressed for drinks and candy, before we begin to carve our pumpkins. Let’s take what small time is left to enjoy the passing summer, and simply sit down and relax in this fabulous patio set from Chez Moi.

This month at The Chapter Four, you can find this ‘Simply Wired Patio Set’ from the lovelies at Chez Moi. The set comes with tons of animations for both the single and couple life, as well as a HUD to fit those tables and cushions to your own likings. I’m sure there is something in the HUD for everyone! Continue reading

Beat The Heat.

Beat The Heat.

Omg, here come the dog days of summer. That may just be a southern country, ‘murica’ type term. But in other words, it’s about to get hot AF. What better way to keep cool than the shade and a fan, a pool! What makes this pool give me the giggles? It’s totally trailer park’ish! Perfect for all those urban style sims.

It comes with color changing HUD, animations, and even a filter…which is silly to mention, but I thought it was cute =3 . It’s many chairs also have tons of animations, as well as the cutest props and accents. The fan actually circulates, and the grill is just as ‘yee haw’ as you can get!

This is just perfect for those watching prim on their rentals and trying to host a BBQ on a budget!

You can pick up the set at Chez Moi’s mainstore or their marketplace! Continue reading

The Best Days At The Beach Are Shared With Friends.

The Best Days At The Beach Are Shared With Friends.

It’s a Chez Moi kind of weekend! The designers at Chez Moi have been hella busy, as of late. This entire picture features goodies from the fabulous people at Moi. Each items has tons of animations for both you and your lover, the sweet and the naughty. So be sure to check them out!


Hakuna Beach Bar found at CHEZ MOI

Chairs,Palm Tree with Blanket, and flip flops found at The Chapter Four

Summer CHEZ MOI  Baleares White Lounger found at Tres Chic

Sim: Baja Cove