The Best Days At The Beach Are Shared With Friends.

The Best Days At The Beach Are Shared With Friends.

It’s a Chez Moi kind of weekend! The designers at Chez Moi have been hella busy, as of late. This entire picture features goodies from the fabulous people at Moi. Each items has tons of animations for both you and your lover, the sweet and the naughty. So be sure to check them out!


Hakuna Beach Bar found at CHEZ MOI

Chairs,Palm Tree with Blanket, and flip flops found at The Chapter Four

Summer CHEZ MOI  Baleares White Lounger found at Tres Chic

Sim: Baja Cove

It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere.

It's 5 o'clock Somewhere.

Nothing compares to a beach, except a bar on the beach! This round of Tres Chic, you can find just that. Chez Moi has built us a super cute and even naughty, if that’s your sort of thing, beach bar named Hakuna Beach Bar. This is their exclusive item for the June round of Tres Chic, opening on the 17th and running through the 10th.

The item comes in both PG and Adult versions, for those who like a little sand between their cheeks *nudge nudge*. The build is extremely cute and comes with tons of animations and props to complete the look and feel on both sides of the bar. Whether you’re tending to the beach goers or a beach goer enjoying a cold fruity drink, this set up has it all!


Sunset Is Still My Favorite Color.

Sunset Is Still My Favorite Color.

It’s Cosmopolitan time, not to mention spring time. If you have a pintrest account or are a avid DIY kind of person. Then you know all the craze surrounding pallets. Who would have thought one could make so much with something that were discarded as trash for many years?!

Goose has done just that! Turned pallets into very trendy and neutral furniture! The set is very versatile, able for both indoor and outdoor use. You can find this wonderful set, exclusively at this round of the Cosmopolitan!

It comes with tons of poses/sequences for single or couples, and the lights even turn on and off. If that weren’t cute enough, the free gift you see there (which is found at the mainstore, links below) has the option for the three candles to flame or not. All the items, today, are copyable too! Continue reading

There’s Always That One Summer That Changes Everything.

SummersEndLet’s talk about how super excited I am to be selected as a Chez Moi blogger -squeals-! They are known for their fabulous indoor and hands down some of the best outdoor décor on the grid! This entire photo was centered around their pier creation. Everything from the dock to the chairs are created by the lovelies of Chez Moi. Each barrel chair has multiple poses of single, couple, and scenes with props! The dock is no different with multiple poses for you, friends, and companions with prop sets such as fishing.

The barrel and wooden planked table is super cool, coming with décor options that give you accents to parties, cookouts, or simple get together occasion. They are super cute, but at the angle I shot the photo, you couldn’t see them. So let that be a added surprise for you, when you purchase it!

Speaking of purchasing, Chez Moi is one place that I have always found to never fail on being reasonable for such a great quality. They clearly put a lot of work into each piece and will not break your piggybank. I couldn’t be anything but pleased with this, whether I’m using it on the beach or the chairs and table for a patio twist…it is a great buy!

Here kitty, kitty! Pixicat and Cocoroni delivered some great clothes to this round of Kustom9. Pixicat’s high waisted shorts are just to die for and very spot on the current trend. With the seasons changing over to fall and temperatures growing cooler, pairing these shorts with tights or a hoodie/sweater is just fabulous. Of course Pixicat is mesh friendly and I had no issues wearing the Cocoroni hoodie with my Lara body.   Continue reading

Goodbye Summer…Until Next Year.

GoodbyeSummerCiao my lovelies! I’m back from vacation, survived it, had a blast, and all that good stuff. However, I am glad to be home. While I hate to see summer go, I’m actually looking forward to the fall. Fall is my favorite time of the year! You have Halloween, which is my favorite holiday, football games, and colorful leaves…I love it!

But if you are hanging on to summer, squeezing the last bit of it out. Might I suggest sporting this new number from Eyelure. It comes in two style, both of which are fabulous and mesh body compatible.

Also, don’t forget to check out this week’s Hello Tuesday for another great pose pack from Verocity Pose, named Viola. Continue reading



Yoga isn’t only good for the mind, body, and soul. The clothing is super comfortable and sexy (At least if you’ve been doing it long enough to get that booty). One of my favorite places to calm and reserve your thoughts has always been on the beach. The sound of waves crashing is just my calling. Now, add that plus a few yoga poses and I’m in my happy place!

This week, Eyelure released a yoga set for all body types from mesh to original. The set comes with matreya, slink, and omega appliers, as well as normal alphas. It’s super cute and very trendy! I absolutely love mine! Even if I wear them mostly to lounge around the house on a lazy Sunday. Continue reading