Hold Me Tight.

Hold Me Tight

Both fall and winter, weather turns cold, everyone’s heart seems to be fulfilled with the urges of cuddling and kindness. It’s a time that brings loved ones together, even more closely than the other times of the year. Whether it’s just the Thankfulness that Thanksgiving brings, or maybe the joy that Christmas…Hanukah…or whatever it is that you celebrate encourages. One thing is for sure, fall and winter are both the coziest most sappy, cuddlewhore, like times…and they are upon us in full force!

What better way to enjoy what few warm days that you have left, than with this cozy snuggle like porch set by Chez Moi? Again, Chez Moi never slights us in well…the slightest, providing what you need to complete a scheme to it’s entirety. What you see above (Deck aside, which is actually one from their Douillet Outdoor set, pictured here.  Otherwise, what you see is what you get!

The animations are, as usual, spot on and the rocking chair even has the option of rocking! The hanging bed comes with single, couple, and activity based animations. Plus you can also change the color of the tossed over the chair throw, on the rocking chair! Continue reading


There Was A Hand In The Darkness And It Held A Knife.

There Was A Hand In The Darkness And It Held A Knife.

If you know me at all or are getting to know me, you’ll find that Halloween is like my most favorite of holidays! I also have quite the fetish with Jason Voorhees, but that is neither here nor there *blush*. So, moving swiftly along, when Chez Moi tossed out this ridiculously ‘all inclusive’ graveyard set named “Salem Witches Square”.

The set comes with, pretty much, all you see above. The benches, fencing, bare trees, statue, black cats, ghosts, and flying crows! It’s wonderful as Halloween décor or even a party setting. Tis the season for all things creepy and crawly, and I couldn’t be more excited! Continue reading

Autumn, The Years Last, Loveliest Smile.


The rest of my Dust Bunny favs from The Arcade! I’m not even kidding, this gacha was the place I just threw my money at. It was most definitely a “Here! Take my money!” moment. There is just something about the design and feel of the decor that screams fall. It’s warm and cozy, primitative like.

Also, while they aren’t new, Fri.day’s Maggie boots are perfect for the fall season’s trends. Paired with a dress, skirt, or jeans the sock topped accent is a favorable fashion do. But if it’s not your thing, it does come with a hud to not only change the colors of the socks, but to take them off.  Continue reading

You Don’t Take A Photograph…You Make It.


Ahh, the 50’s. A time when the cars were fast, style seemed caught on either one side of the fence or the other, and kids were ready to take their loves to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance…(You probably won’t get that one, unless you’re a 80s baby…but anyway.) Back with more from the ever nearing Vintage&Cool Fair (Landmark to be released)! In this photo you’ll find a few super cute, rockabilly like things, and something of the past, just in a different shade. As usual, we’re going head to..well, car. So here we go!

Again, I thought I’d bring it with the Nova Josseyln Lips, this time using shade (006). The color is popping and bright, just as the red were in my previous picture here. Then this super cute, throwback, camera by Serenity Style named Divine Flash. It will be a gatcha item, coming in many colors and two rares, this being one of them ‘Rare 1’. Then drop it a little lower and connect the dots! These ridiculous fab Oddity Pants, named Audrey come in a rainbow of colors and a hud! They will be able to mesh with virtually anything you can dream of! Lastly, this pose! Image Essentials not only brought us a killer prop car, god bless that classic caddy, but they added a hud with a few poses to cycle through! You’ll also find some very cute pose packs at the fair as well!

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Confidence, Wear It Like Makeup.


My apologies! I have been very busy this week and am playing catch up. While this outfit hailed from the fabulous event known as “Uber“…last month *Frowns*.. I know, I know, #DontJudgeMe. But! The good news is that you can skip on over to each store and grab them. Hey, who knows, you may even catch a few more fabulous items while you’re there. Clothes and accessories are like Pokémon, you gotta catch them all! Anyway, the shirt is none other than Blueberry. The skirt is Bueno, which is part of a beautiful sim, shared with…wait for it… Blueberry! Its like a two for one on your time. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the other shops on that sim, Vinyl, Addams, Just Because, and Lenox ( Landmark ). Uber is open until the 23rd of July!

Something however I’m not TOO late on, Hello Tuesday! *Coughs* Even if it is Thursday, but hey they both start with a T, right..maybe? Again this Tuesday, Verocity Pose came with it! The pose used was from her Hello Tuesday deal, Ashley Pose Pack. It includes six static poses that are very flexible to fit nearly any situation or scene you can imagine. Plus they are only 50L while on the floor at Hello Tuesday, so hurry! Don’t be late like I was =/ .

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Oopsie Daisy! (Hopscotch “Mhmmm” Pose for the Pose Fair 2015)

Hopscotch pose

Another from The Pose Fair 2015! This little cutie is from none other than, Hopscotch! It’s entitled “Mhmmm” and comes with not one, but two ice cream cone props that are used for certain ones of the five single poses. I chose ‘pose 2’, which is one of my favorites from the pack. Regardless of your favorite and preference, they are all super cute and a must for summer photos! Continue reading

Bae Always Trumps Side Bitch… (Mine & Ride by Terra Design at Pose Fair 2015)

Mine & Ride Pose

Loved this pose from Terra Designs, not so sure what to say about it, because it totally speaks for itself! There is no love like bae love and this is currently my Bae Pose. While I believe the full intention of this pose was rather a “Domineering” stance. I enjoy twisting things and giving people a side of the pose that they may not have envisioned. So take a whip out of her hand, add a couple guns and some blood to see #CrayBae.

You can find this pose named “Mine & Ride” at The Pose Fair 2015 Continue reading