Hold Me Tight.

Hold Me Tight

Both fall and winter, weather turns cold, everyone’s heart seems to be fulfilled with the urges of cuddling and kindness. It’s a time that brings loved ones together, even more closely than the other times of the year. Whether it’s just the Thankfulness that Thanksgiving brings, or maybe the joy that Christmas…Hanukah…or whatever it is that you celebrate encourages. One thing is for sure, fall and winter are both the coziest most sappy, cuddlewhore, like times…and they are upon us in full force!

What better way to enjoy what few warm days that you have left, than with this cozy snuggle like porch set by Chez Moi? Again, Chez Moi never slights us in well…the slightest, providing what you need to complete a scheme to it’s entirety. What you see above (Deck aside, which is actually one from their Douillet Outdoor set, pictured here.  Otherwise, what you see is what you get!

The animations are, as usual, spot on and the rocking chair even has the option of rocking! The hanging bed comes with single, couple, and activity based animations. Plus you can also change the color of the tossed over the chair throw, on the rocking chair! Continue reading


Turn Your Face To The Sun And All The Shadows Fall Behind You.

Turn Your Face To The Sun And All The Shadows Fall Behind You

Let’s talk about the next round of Shiny Shabby. I took a stroll around it today, and as usual my eyes were larger than my piggybank. Maybe it’s time to get a SL job? LOL I don’t think so. I work in real life and that is plenty enough. Anyway, a couple of things that stood out for me, one of which were this sweater dress/scarf by C’lest la vie. The pair comes with a color hud for both the scarf (multiple colors) and the bottom of the dress (Stripes or not). It’s super cute and season sexy, perfect for all sorts of occasions. Continue reading

Don’t Be Like The Rest Of Them, Darling.

Don't Be Like The Rest Of Them Darling.

CureCon is still underway, so please don’t forget to check out all the goodies for a cause! Goodies such as this cute little dress from Monster! Named exactly for what it is, Lovely, you can pick up this dress along with about any accessory you can imagine to go with it at CureCon! Get there before the event closes on October 10th. Don’t forget that all proceeds go toward a great cause, Breast Cancer Awareness…remember, tis the season! Continue reading

There Was A Hand In The Darkness And It Held A Knife.

There Was A Hand In The Darkness And It Held A Knife.

If you know me at all or are getting to know me, you’ll find that Halloween is like my most favorite of holidays! I also have quite the fetish with Jason Voorhees, but that is neither here nor there *blush*. So, moving swiftly along, when Chez Moi tossed out this ridiculously ‘all inclusive’ graveyard set named “Salem Witches Square”.

The set comes with, pretty much, all you see above. The benches, fencing, bare trees, statue, black cats, ghosts, and flying crows! It’s wonderful as Halloween décor or even a party setting. Tis the season for all things creepy and crawly, and I couldn’t be more excited! Continue reading

I Find Happiness In The Simplest Of Things.


Let’s talk about a couple great things available right now. One of them being this super sweet farm set from Chez Moi, northmont farm. The set comes with practically everything you see in the picture. The horses, fence, white flowers, wagon, hay stacks, and even the tree attached to it! There are sitting poses and animations with each item, that include a ridiculous amount of single and couple poses, as well as activities (props included). If you are looking to let the country girl..or guy, out in your heart then waste no time in purchasing Northmont Farm! You can find the set right now over at Tres Chic, so boot scoot and boogie your way on over there!

Speaking of boots, these boots! God I hate to see summer gone, but I absolutely am a boot whore, for lack of more ladylike words. So when Fri.day dropped these way cute leather “Rosie” boots at Shiny Shabby, I squealed and nearly trampled over people to get to them…these boots are made for walkin’ and that’s just…well you get the point. I am quite positive that I indeed walked over a couple of you. Oopsy, but if you’ve seen them, then I know you fully understand.

Eyelure has always dropped some more goodies on us, personally I am reminded of the nineties, I actually had a shirt just like the one above, but it was black. Needless to say, when I saw it, I was like Oh Em Gee, gimmie! The tied shirt comes in a variety of colors and styles, one regarding a cute ‘selfie’ phrase.

Continue reading

Autumn, The Years Last, Loveliest Smile.


The rest of my Dust Bunny favs from The Arcade! I’m not even kidding, this gacha was the place I just threw my money at. It was most definitely a “Here! Take my money!” moment. There is just something about the design and feel of the decor that screams fall. It’s warm and cozy, primitative like.

Also, while they aren’t new, Fri.day’s Maggie boots are perfect for the fall season’s trends. Paired with a dress, skirt, or jeans the sock topped accent is a favorable fashion do. But if it’s not your thing, it does come with a hud to not only change the colors of the socks, but to take them off.  Continue reading

I’m Not Just A Country Girl, I’m His Country Girl.


Let’s talk about me finally giving this super cute outfit from -Pixicat- recognition. I picked it up at Uber, in June, and fell in love with it. In fact I was rather shocked that I hadn’t blogged it yet. Something as sweet as country pie is better late than never, yea? So here it is! I’m sure you can still pick it up at Pixicat’s mainstore, because I cannot imagine her letting this one slip off the market so easily. It’s named “Rustic” and comes in a few different shades of both denim and lace.

Now I have worn these in a few pictures, but what goes better with something country appealing than…cowgirl boots!? These boots are from Pure Poison, slink or mesh feet are not needed, for those of you who are slacka lackin’. Not only do these boots look amazing with skirts and shorts, but they are rather fabulous with a pair of skinny leg jeans.

Last but certainly not least, pig tails! Nothing says country girl like a pair of pig tails. There seems to have been an onslaught of the pig tail from makers, flooding the market with everything from short tails to curled tails, but if you are looking for some long tails.. Look no farther than Truth! The hair entitled “Blythe” is a perfect fit for you long-haired gals. Continue reading