I Want To Be That Fantasy You Got On Your Mind.


Lets talk this round of N21 (Twenty One) was a rather good one, and this top from Noir branded Eternal Rest is well…to die for! Each color and there are quite a few to choose from, comes with a HUD and two versions. One that is plain and the other has the crosses (seen above) There are also two different versions of the top, one comes with studs lining the breast and the other bare (seen above). I loved this so much, I bought a total of three, between my girls. Yes ladies, they are mesh body compatible. So now you have no excuse, go go go!

Also, shoes! While these shoes are most certainly not new, having been picked up quite a few rounds ago of Collabor88. The last time I was in Milk Motion main store, they were there. But honestly, I absolutely love these heels! They are edgy, stylish. No so much the girl next door, but rather that girl your mama would warn you about type of heel. They come in a few colors as well as a ‘fish net style’, which surely was a pain for sculpting, but appreciated nevertheless, because they look amazing. The ones I am wearing are simply all black (as most my things). The style name is Safari, brand Milk Motion, check them out!

The jeans, I was shocked to realize that I hadn’t paid these threads proper respect of a blog picture/post. I literally wear these all the time! They are my go to jeans. This brand has seriously never failed to please me with anything they’ve put out. The jeans are mesh body compatible, fitting normal avatar bodies as well. The booty that these pants give you is a down home mix of many squats and grandma’s good cooking! It’s perfect rounded and perky, just wonderful! You owe it to yourself to at least stop by Bueno and try them on!

My last go to item would be this couch made by We’re CLOSED. I came across the old weathered and leathered piece while randomly sitting down on the picturesque sim of Hazardous. The pose that I was immediately placed in, was my inspiration for this picture. I loved it, it was a perfect mix of ‘come and get it’ meets ‘whatever, here it is’….very nice to have, especially in a bachelor pad.

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Confidence, Wear It Like Makeup.


My apologies! I have been very busy this week and am playing catch up. While this outfit hailed from the fabulous event known as “Uber“…last month *Frowns*.. I know, I know, #DontJudgeMe. But! The good news is that you can skip on over to each store and grab them. Hey, who knows, you may even catch a few more fabulous items while you’re there. Clothes and accessories are like Pokémon, you gotta catch them all! Anyway, the shirt is none other than Blueberry. The skirt is Bueno, which is part of a beautiful sim, shared with…wait for it… Blueberry! Its like a two for one on your time. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the other shops on that sim, Vinyl, Addams, Just Because, and Lenox ( Landmark ). Uber is open until the 23rd of July!

Something however I’m not TOO late on, Hello Tuesday! *Coughs* Even if it is Thursday, but hey they both start with a T, right..maybe? Again this Tuesday, Verocity Pose came with it! The pose used was from her Hello Tuesday deal, Ashley Pose Pack. It includes six static poses that are very flexible to fit nearly any situation or scene you can imagine. Plus they are only 50L while on the floor at Hello Tuesday, so hurry! Don’t be late like I was =/ .

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