The Last Time I’ll Wear White.

The Last Time I Wear White.

Kinky Monthly just started and believe me, they brought the kink this round. In particularly, The Pose Shop, with their naughty poses. She brought a few packs to the event. There was a couple pose named ‘Owned’ which has three poses and comes with both handcuffs and a crop! Two other three pose packs were ‘Cuffed’ & ‘Cropped’, each containing the themed item. Also, this time, she sent the cutest ‘cuff’ rings! Available in four metals, and resizable!

I stopped by Epiphany and tested the luck of my draw on the gachas, picking up this super cute ensemble from Pixicat, named siren nr1. It comes in three colors: Red, Black, and White. It also has different styles, as well as other goodies for the lucky pullers. Continue reading


Ready To Be Your Valentine.

Ready To Be Your Valentine.

While there are times that I can ‘class it up’, I am completely a comfy kind of her girl. I enjoy yoga pants, knee socks, and tank tops. I can wear heels, but I prefer the comfort of UGGS. This being said, is one of the reasons that I absolutely adore blogging for Eyelure. Willow just…gets me. If I had to compare her style to anything “real life”, it would be along the lines of ‘Victoria Secret Pink’ collections. She just keeps it simple, and simple is often beautiful.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the girl can sure as hell class it out! Like this little sexy black dress, she released not so long ago, or this sexy New Years Eve ensemble that were released, well, for New Years Eve. It’s the outfits, like the one above, that I tend to migrate to. It’s simple, it’s sexy, and it’s versatile. Well, the top is. Then again everyone needs panties and she makes some really cute ones!

These are the Valentine Day panty pack, comes with seven pair. They are compatible for both classic and mesh avatars. They have some of the cutest designs featuring hearts and stripes ever! Continue reading

Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Baby Its Cold OutsideIt’s nearly time for the blustery cold weather to creep in. The snow, ice, and all things frozen ready to nip at your finger tips and toes. However, with the cold comes the other ‘C’, Cuddles! It’s the most loving and best way to keep warm over the winter, and where is a better place to cuddle on those snowy days than in front of the fire!

Goose knows this! Thus, I give you the “Snowflake Set” gacha at the Cosmopolitan this round! The set is super cute and cuddly! It comes filled with a cuddle rug and pillow set (Rare), having animations for cuddling or relaxing solo. In this sweet gacha set, you’ll also find these adorable string lights and stockings, wood basket, stove, and fireplace! Accent the look with the decorative frames and snowflakes for a super cozy place to hang out this winter! Continue reading

Strumming My Pain With His Fingers.


This boy, I swear to dio! How it is that a guy can make you blush like a girl with a high school crush, and then red from the anger that your nonna passed down through the generations. While it seems almost impossible, he can do this all within the span of a few breaths. Whether its saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time, or not saying something when he should have. He knows how to push my buttons, get me wound up, riled up, and every other kind of up in between. Then, then, just when I think I have had all I can take and I’m ready to release that Valentini temper on him. He seems to toss that knowing smirk, that cocky and arrogant smile in my direction to halt my very actions. There is something about a man who knows you better than you know yourself. A man who can look at you and read you like a book, knowing exactly how to fix what he or another has messed up.

I’ll be the first to admit, I am by no means easy to live with! I have a few ex’s who can vouch for that. Being a Aries, I can down right be intimidating. But, somehow, some way he has managed to take the ram in me by the horns. It’s a good feeling to have someone you can push and be pushed back. It certainly keeps things interesting. He has the ability to care for me like the delicate flower I can be at times, or throwdown with me like the feisty, smart mouthed, bella that inherited her papa’s ill and short temper.

While I know he’s not the only one out there, this is a short post to salute and offer cheers to the strong men out there. The ones who will bend over backwards to make you smile, but still hold their ground when you get a little out of hand. They will always hold our hearts in one hand and respect within the other. There truly aren’t enough men out there…like him. Continue reading