I Find Happiness In The Simplest Of Things.


Let’s talk about a couple great things available right now. One of them being this super sweet farm set from Chez Moi, northmont farm. The set comes with practically everything you see in the picture. The horses, fence, white flowers, wagon, hay stacks, and even the tree attached to it! There are sitting poses and animations with each item, that include a ridiculous amount of single and couple poses, as well as activities (props included). If you are looking to let the country girl..or guy, out in your heart then waste no time in purchasing Northmont Farm! You can find the set right now over at Tres Chic, so boot scoot and boogie your way on over there!

Speaking of boots, these boots! God I hate to see summer gone, but I absolutely am a boot whore, for lack of more ladylike words. So when Fri.day dropped these way cute leather “Rosie” boots at Shiny Shabby, I squealed and nearly trampled over people to get to them…these boots are made for walkin’ and that’s just…well you get the point. I am quite positive that I indeed walked over a couple of you. Oopsy, but if you’ve seen them, then I know you fully understand.

Eyelure has always dropped some more goodies on us, personally I am reminded of the nineties, I actually had a shirt just like the one above, but it was black. Needless to say, when I saw it, I was like Oh Em Gee, gimmie! The tied shirt comes in a variety of colors and styles, one regarding a cute ‘selfie’ phrase.

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I’m Not Just A Country Girl, I’m His Country Girl.


Let’s talk about me finally giving this super cute outfit from -Pixicat- recognition. I picked it up at Uber, in June, and fell in love with it. In fact I was rather shocked that I hadn’t blogged it yet. Something as sweet as country pie is better late than never, yea? So here it is! I’m sure you can still pick it up at Pixicat’s mainstore, because I cannot imagine her letting this one slip off the market so easily. It’s named “Rustic” and comes in a few different shades of both denim and lace.

Now I have worn these in a few pictures, but what goes better with something country appealing than…cowgirl boots!? These boots are from Pure Poison, slink or mesh feet are not needed, for those of you who are slacka lackin’. Not only do these boots look amazing with skirts and shorts, but they are rather fabulous with a pair of skinny leg jeans.

Last but certainly not least, pig tails! Nothing says country girl like a pair of pig tails. There seems to have been an onslaught of the pig tail from makers, flooding the market with everything from short tails to curled tails, but if you are looking for some long tails.. Look no farther than Truth! The hair entitled “Blythe” is a perfect fit for you long-haired gals. Continue reading

Fancy Don’t Let Me Down.


Let’s talk country, even if I’d rather not. Born in the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia, I have lived here all my life. If there is anything I know, it’s country. While I’m no where near a huge fan of all things primitive and hillbilly, except maybe for the cooking…I will never turn down a country meal. Unless, it’s fried green tomatoes (gag), or even worse like groundhog…yes, there are people here who do that. In fact, some of them happen to be my step family, and god do I stress -step- family.

Now, while I am still here, seeing as I have strong family ties and so few of my family are left in this world. I try to enjoy what time I have left with those ones who I still have. But, it’s been like my life long dream to get off these country roads. So far, I have moved into the capitol city and that is a rather large step from where I grew up…I’m still here.

This month at Shiny Shabby we are all goin’ country, ya hear me, yee haw! While there are tons of cute things from many respected designers. One design that stood out to me was this little lacey dress by Dead Dollz named Isabeau. To me it is a simple elegance or class. Nothing over the top, just a little more flashy than what you’d wear to the local hoedown, but the perfect number to get you on a train or plane out of Dodge!

Needless to say, I’m not a country fan. But I do know many of the ‘classic country’ music, seeing as when I were a child. My ticket to the theme park Dollywood was via sitting through a country concert. So when I saw this dress, my immediate inspiration was Reba McIntire’s hit  “Fancy”.

With so many hair styles to choose from, I hated to pick just one. However, things aren’t getting any cheaper with a three year old who has a Thomas the Train addiction, so I went with someone new (at least to me). Entwined brought not one but three very nice creations to the event. This one, was my favorite, though I see the rest being in my inventory before this round is over. It’s called Olivia, and it comes in a few different color packs.

The cute little country porch, I’m standing on, came from Fifty Linden Friday, a couple weeks ago. It was a major steal at only…well, 50L. I bought it, because I hope to start blogging a little more furniture and décor in my pictures and the small size of the interior makes it perfect to fill a space! The creator of such a cute little ‘Writing Shed’, as it were named is Funky Junk.

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Blame It On My Roots…I Showed Up In Boots!


Quick shout out to all my country girls out there holding Secondlife down! This isn’t typical of Alexis by no means, but at times it’s fun to just keep it simple. What better way to keep things beautiful and simple then jean shorts, jacket, and some pretty killer cute boots!? Springtime is right around the corner for all of us freezing our rears off! Continue reading