Sweets For The Sweet.

 Sweets For The Sweet.

Food, who doesn’t love it!? Especially in a world where your body is controlled by that of slider bars…Le sigh…if only in the real world, right? Anyhow, nothing says fantasy like a super hot girl pigging out. What makes it even more cute?! These new sleepy pajama’s from Eyelure. They come in really cute matching tops and bottoms, as well as some basic colors, and you can grab yours at this round of the Designer Circle!

Also another goody good, for those of you that are already part of the Lamb Vip group. You ‘Little Lambs’ can pick up a adorable gift named ‘Lovesong’, available as the fatpack to those whom are members…which, come on, everyone should be a member by now.

Don’t forget that this Tuesday is another round of Hello Tuesday! There you can find another fabulous set of poses from Verocity, this one from the Aimra pose pack (Mirrors included). Think that’s great, Verocity had a announcement to share with us…She’s joined forces with a friend to begin releasing mesh items! First up, is this really rustic, farm style, table you see me laying on. They have a ton things in the works, so be sure to keep n touch and I’ll update you as quickly as possible! Continue reading


Cold Hands, Warm Heart.

 Cold Hands Warm Heart.

While it’s cold out, this outfit is super hot! So grab those thigh highs, that every guy loves, and put on this super sexy jean skirt and top from Eyelure. You can find those cute combinations at this round of the Designer Circle for, get this…ONLY 99L EACH! You cannot and I do mean, cannot, beat that!

The shirts are really adorable with their ‘laced up’ back. These skirts come in different washes, to match the variety of colored shirts that you’ll find. The outfit is perfect for both cold and warm weather. Just pair it with uggs and a furred vest, like I did above.

Like the pose? Be sure to stop by ‘Hello Tuesday’, yes…I know its Wed. but you should still be able to grab it for halfsies… It’s from Verocity Pose, named Jacey Pose set, including 6 poses and the mirrors. Continue reading

Forget Me Not Polka-Dot.


Summer is about sun, fun, and colors as bright as the rays that warm us! Sadly summer is quickly winding down on us. I actually seen both Halloween and Thanksgiving décor out in a store just last week! Its like, one at a time, one at a time…Didn’t we just celebrate Independence Day (At least in the states)? So enjoy those colorful ensembles before we give way to the toned down colors of fall and winter.

What perfect way to do just that? Polka-Dots! Eyelure has a new cutesy two piece that comes in three designs. The bright colorful dots that you see above, two styles of multicolored stripes (which was my favorite, but Jack insisted I go with dots…men), and a very pretty floral design. All four can be found at this round of Designer Circle for only 99L! Get them while both they’re and it’s hot!

Also, it’s nearly Tuesday and once more we’ll be celebrating Hello Tuesday with another set of poses from one of my fav’s Verocity. Above is one of the poses from this week’s half price pose pack ‘Lucy’. The pack of six poses also comes with a sitting pose that I will more than likely be showing you in a photo soon. Because it’s just too cute to not!

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