She My Trap Queen.

Bitch Better Have My MoneyTwo things to talk about here. One of them being the ridiculously epic drug kitchen, hell drug surplus from NikotiN at The Mens Dept this round. This set is filled with everything you could possibly need to stage a epic roleplay scene to a brutally realistic picture. It’s a drug dealer’s paradise, like early Christmas from Santa type stuff! Let it snow, let it snow..Let…it….snow.

Secondly, ROMP. Now it only has two more days for this round, I believe. So get your booties over there. I showed you the killer pose from Rack, with my Harley picture. Now here is the other, I just had to have, from exe cute. The original was used, with a cell phone, as the pose is entiled “Sexting”, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to use it in regards to NikotiN’s drug goodies. The pose does not include props, so have fun with it! You could use nearly anything, get creative. Designers love seeing twists on their creations with creative minds, as do I! If you use the pose, give me a tag in it. I’d love to see what you come up with! Continue reading