Cold Hands, Warm Heart.

 Cold Hands Warm Heart.

While it’s cold out, this outfit is super hot! So grab those thigh highs, that every guy loves, and put on this super sexy jean skirt and top from Eyelure. You can find those cute combinations at this round of the Designer Circle for, get this…ONLY 99L EACH! You cannot and I do mean, cannot, beat that!

The shirts are really adorable with their ‘laced up’ back. These skirts come in different washes, to match the variety of colored shirts that you’ll find. The outfit is perfect for both cold and warm weather. Just pair it with uggs and a furred vest, like I did above.

Like the pose? Be sure to stop by ‘Hello Tuesday’, yes…I know its Wed. but you should still be able to grab it for halfsies… It’s from Verocity Pose, named Jacey Pose set, including 6 poses and the mirrors. Continue reading


Let It Snow.

Let It Snow

I can explain! I know it has been foreves, well a week or something, since I last posted. However, I have good reasoning for it… BlackOps III came out and I am a HUGE gamer, and well Black Ops is currently Bae (Don’t tell Jack).

Anyway, I’m back! Back with a new hair from Truth, well newer. Anyway, I heart it. Which I heart anything he creates, as most of you. This full pony tail, with accessory hud, named Lousia is just great. The side swoop to it, gives it a slight windblown look, though it is calm enough to wear normally.

This is also my third pose, that I’ve made myself =), Yay!

The apparel worn is from the back of my of inventory closet, I’m telling you, buried deep. The boots, which I love and not only because they are red, but I just loved them. They were from N-Core, a Christmas gift a couple years back. Continue reading