Hold Me Tight.

Hold Me Tight

Both fall and winter, weather turns cold, everyone’s heart seems to be fulfilled with the urges of cuddling and kindness. It’s a time that brings loved ones together, even more closely than the other times of the year. Whether it’s just the Thankfulness that Thanksgiving brings, or maybe the joy that Christmas…Hanukah…or whatever it is that you celebrate encourages. One thing is for sure, fall and winter are both the coziest most sappy, cuddlewhore, like times…and they are upon us in full force!

What better way to enjoy what few warm days that you have left, than with this cozy snuggle like porch set by Chez Moi? Again, Chez Moi never slights us in well…the slightest, providing what you need to complete a scheme to it’s entirety. What you see above (Deck aside, which is actually one from their Douillet Outdoor set, pictured here.  Otherwise, what you see is what you get!

The animations are, as usual, spot on and the rocking chair even has the option of rocking! The hanging bed comes with single, couple, and activity based animations. Plus you can also change the color of the tossed over the chair throw, on the rocking chair! Continue reading


Turn Your Face To The Sun And All The Shadows Fall Behind You.

Turn Your Face To The Sun And All The Shadows Fall Behind You

Let’s talk about the next round of Shiny Shabby. I took a stroll around it today, and as usual my eyes were larger than my piggybank. Maybe it’s time to get a SL job? LOL I don’t think so. I work in real life and that is plenty enough. Anyway, a couple of things that stood out for me, one of which were this sweater dress/scarf by C’lest la vie. The pair comes with a color hud for both the scarf (multiple colors) and the bottom of the dress (Stripes or not). It’s super cute and season sexy, perfect for all sorts of occasions. Continue reading

I Thought I Were All You Needed.

I Thought I Were All You Needed

Let’s talk about cutesy cami’s and matching panties. Every girl loves them and Eyelure just happens to be one of the grand masters at designing them. What could be more cuter than this little cow printed set? They are mesh body compatible and totes adorbs. Match them with these super cute and lacey knees socks from Izzie’s (also mesh compatible), and you’ll have a cozy, sexy, girly look for anything from pillow fights to innocent Netflix and chilling.

Also, Lamb, I have just fell in love with her hair recently. Slowly I am building me a collection of it, because its a must have. The curls and waves of her hair seem to look just so natural and smooth, like in this one named ‘Want You’. I just cannot get enough of it, keep them coming Lamb! Continue reading

Pick Your Poison.

Pick Your Poison

Let’s talk about this round of Tres Chic, and all the Halloween goodies you’ll find there! First off, finding a witches hat that properly fits, without being forced to gaintize (I don’t think that is a word, but we’ll go with it) over it your head…is about as easy as getting someone to admit that they are a witch…(They do exist, they do exist). Anyway, Bold & Beauty Hair is a new one to me. But I don’t always claim to be anywhere but the back burner, with all the fabulous creators hitting the grid. So if they’ve been around for some time, let me apologize for being late to acquaint myself, but your hair and witch hat combo is the cherry atop my twist on a cute witch look.

Not only does Tres Chic deliver the goods on your Halloween hair, but check out this set up! Not only do we have this fabulous tea party with your besties table from Chez Moi, we also have the ingredients on the wall to get those concoctions just right by Goose.

The shelf behind me was designed by Goose for all of us crafty individuals cooking up something magical in the kitchen. Take a look at the bottles closer and you’ll find labels such as virgin blood (in SL, it was a hard find! Use it sparingly), eyeballs, batwings, fingers, and poison. If those aren’t your top of the line, not your farmers market, but natures best…I don’t know what is.

Chez Moi showed up with this killer table, four chairs (options for adding more), and the floating tea pot with is animated along with a table full of goodies…complete with a HUD to allow cupcakes (Cute right?). They also showed up with a adorable Halloween door mat that has a few posing animations, and a seriously killer ritual like set up for the doors. The tree is super creepy and the spirit that rises from pentagram of sticks..well its a must see to believe. I will more than likely be shooting another photo out with it soon…but don’t wait on me, get on your brooms and fly your butt to Tres Chic to see if for yourself!

I’d also like to shout out PIxicat on this ridiculously adorable dress that really had me questioning my vision on first wear. I could have swore my eyes were playing tricks on me, even had to make Jack give me a reassuring opinion, but yes! The bats move! The dress is way believable as the bats appear to be made atop tulle material, giving their appearance, even as they move, more natural. I purchased it this past Friday, during Fifty Linden Friday. I’m not sure if its an exclusive, if you missed it, I’ll cross my fingers that its still there. Because it is a must for cute Halloween parties! Continue reading

You Ain’t My Mister J.


With Halloween right around the corner and the upcoming, no doubt to be a hit, Suicide Squad moving. Of course people are, as if they’ve not always been, crazy with Harley Quinn. She and The Joker have always been my picks, seeing as I’ve never been one much on the side of justice and good. I prefer chaotic and crazy, hell its why I’m still with Jack after nearly a year (next month =] ).

So needless to say that this costume from IMMORTAL called ‘Suicide Tribute Damaged’, was perfect for this picture! It comes with everything you need, attire wise, from shirt to shoes. It even has a leather coat with it, which I chose not to wear, because I outright adored these arm warmers. While it doesn’t come compatible for mesh bodies, I am wearing the Maitreya Lara body, so you can make it work!

The hair, FINALLY, there is a quality hair out there that offers different options and not a unison pick for color. People in this world want choice, and that is exactly what RunAway Hair gave us with ‘Harley’. Don’t like the blue and pink, change it up! You can pick from a ridiculous amount of color combinations.

Lastly, ROMP (link below), closes in a couple days. So before that happens, scoot your cute little rumps over there and pick up this pose from Rack Poses, Burning Desire. It comes with the props you see, chair, blindfold, roping, and it also comes with a candle, which I replaced with the knife for my picture. It was super cute and while you can modify it, I didn’t need to adjust at all! Continue reading

Her Heart Was A Secret Garden And The Walls Very High.


Let’s talk… There is only one more week left of The Arcade, do you hear me, one more week! So if you haven’t already, then go and get some fabulous things to spruce up your home, for the fall, with. The room used for the pic above was a RARE from one of the two Dust Bunny & Tenshi  gacha’s, known as the Chestnut Barn. I haven’t stopped using the goodies I received from Tres Blah, Dust Bunny, DYI, and MudHoney in pictures and post. They all just seem to add a little flare to your home.

A month ago, I’m bad I know, Foxes came to Collabor88 with not one but two ridiculous hot items. Both lingerie type items, with a vastly different approach to sexy. This one, was the innocent take on inviting. It’s nothing too revealing, but just as sexy as barely there, if you’re into the girl next door, choir, innocence type. I’ll toss out the other take on sexy in the next day or so, but as they say..Sugar and Spice…call this sugar, for sure!

Also, Catwa! Catwa has been working her cute lil’bum off with new hair releases. This one has been out for a little while, so I’m sure many of you have it. If you don’t, follow the link below and check it out. Named Princess, its just that. Hair fit for a princess of whatever you may be. Innocent, sultry, elegant, you name it and the hair can fit it. It comes with a option for both pearls and flowers, or just plain flowers. It’s completely too cute to pass up! Continue reading

There’s Always That One Summer That Changes Everything.

SummersEndLet’s talk about how super excited I am to be selected as a Chez Moi blogger -squeals-! They are known for their fabulous indoor and hands down some of the best outdoor décor on the grid! This entire photo was centered around their pier creation. Everything from the dock to the chairs are created by the lovelies of Chez Moi. Each barrel chair has multiple poses of single, couple, and scenes with props! The dock is no different with multiple poses for you, friends, and companions with prop sets such as fishing.

The barrel and wooden planked table is super cool, coming with décor options that give you accents to parties, cookouts, or simple get together occasion. They are super cute, but at the angle I shot the photo, you couldn’t see them. So let that be a added surprise for you, when you purchase it!

Speaking of purchasing, Chez Moi is one place that I have always found to never fail on being reasonable for such a great quality. They clearly put a lot of work into each piece and will not break your piggybank. I couldn’t be anything but pleased with this, whether I’m using it on the beach or the chairs and table for a patio twist…it is a great buy!

Here kitty, kitty! Pixicat and Cocoroni delivered some great clothes to this round of Kustom9. Pixicat’s high waisted shorts are just to die for and very spot on the current trend. With the seasons changing over to fall and temperatures growing cooler, pairing these shorts with tights or a hoodie/sweater is just fabulous. Of course Pixicat is mesh friendly and I had no issues wearing the Cocoroni hoodie with my Lara body.   Continue reading