Ready To Be Your Valentine.

Ready To Be Your Valentine.

While there are times that I can ‘class it up’, I am completely a comfy kind of her girl. I enjoy yoga pants, knee socks, and tank tops. I can wear heels, but I prefer the comfort of UGGS. This being said, is one of the reasons that I absolutely adore blogging for Eyelure. Willow just…gets me. If I had to compare her style to anything “real life”, it would be along the lines of ‘Victoria Secret Pink’ collections. She just keeps it simple, and simple is often beautiful.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the girl can sure as hell class it out! Like this little sexy black dress, she released not so long ago, or this sexy New Years Eve ensemble that were released, well, for New Years Eve. It’s the outfits, like the one above, that I tend to migrate to. It’s simple, it’s sexy, and it’s versatile. Well, the top is. Then again everyone needs panties and she makes some really cute ones!

These are the Valentine Day panty pack, comes with seven pair. They are compatible for both classic and mesh avatars. They have some of the cutest designs featuring hearts and stripes ever! Continue reading


Back To Being Naughty.


So we are pretty much mid swing of the holidays! With Christmas just wrapping up, we can put nice on the shelf, and pull those pitchforks and horns back out! I will apologize in advance for what may be considered a crappy post on my behalf, but between putting up things from Christmas and getting ready for the new year. I am strapped for time!

However, that being said…This pose by The Pose Shop was too good…or bad, depending on how you look at it..not to mention! It’s available at the Kinky Monthly event, which is a little new…or at least it’s new to me.  She has a couple of poses there, and they are all dirtily fabulous.


Hold On To What Keeps You Warm Inside.

Hold On To Whatever Keeps You Warm Inside

It appears to me that the Winter Trend 2015 is going to be a shopping extravaganza! So many great items are being previewed for the fourth, and that is just from people I blog for! I can only imagine what the event will be like in its entirety.

Above, you’ll find the exclusive collaboration of Goose Home & Gardening and Wet Cat poses. Like I cannot stress how hot this pairing is! There are multiple poses with the choice of the blanket or not, but the blanket just adds to the hotness! You can also customize the blanket’s textures and colors to fit your needs. I was so excited to blog this upon receiving it, that it is killing me to wait for its turn to be posted tomorrow!

The pose is modifiable, as is the blanket, so it fit you and your loved one perfect. Remember, it is a exclusive release for the Winter Trend. That being said, take advantage of it, while you can!

Oh! Also the Arcade has began, and I am STILL waiting…impatiently waiting, to get in. *Insert pouty mad face*. But I did manage to grab a couple things from A La Venta Yardsale, its a great place to buy or sale! One of which being this super cute Husky from Xin’s husky gacha. It’s only 1LI, which shocked me…but viva la mesh! The second thing I picked up was actually a freebie gift from the Arcade, that little snow globe atop the mantel.

Quick shout out to both *Funky*Junk* and Atooly.home, this timberline cabin was picked up for only 50L during a Fifty Linden Friday round. Often *Funky*Junk* has specials during FLF, and I LOVE using their homes for pictures. In fact I use them in nearly any picture I take! This one, I found ridiculously nice, as it even has a option to make the windows appear as if it were snowing outside, as you can see.

You can catch a little more than a glimpse of a item that were featured at, you guessed it, FLF by Atooly. The Fairytale room divider, came in a few colors to choose from, and looks like the portion you see for 3 full panels. The lights are something I love, as well as the versatile of this piece to work with nearly any décor. I’m not sure why I took so long to stumble on Atooly, but you can bet I will be featuring more of their things in the future. I have noticed that they are perfect for those filler/accent pieces. Great work! Continue reading

My Life is Colorless Without You.

My Life Is Colorless Without You

It’s December first, can you believe it!? This year is nearly over, and it has been one of learning, growing, and discovering new things. January will make a official year since I decided to pursue blogging in Secondlife. If anything, I have learned to stick to what you’re good at. It’s most definitely a plus, if you can adapt to certain styles and so on. But it’s so much easier to stick to what makes you happy. If you feel you look good, then I find that pictures turn out better.

Now, I have stepped outside the box once or twice, during this year, and seemingly pulled it off. But there is nothing like looking at a finished product, and seeing yourself in that depiction. While I started with fashion, I have found a fond love of doing décor. When I get to incorporate the two of them, like above, it’s just a plus!

That being said, above you’ll find another new release from Eyelure. This super cute hoody, tank, combo comes in a few colors and designs. It’s perfect for a sexy little walk around the house, or bundling up for the winter. The combo is compatible with both mesh and classic bodies, and can be found in store now!

I grabbed these vintage curtains from The Fantasy Collective, get there quick because I’m not sure how much longer this round is open. They are made by ASO, and come in three different colors ‘Black, Vintage, & White’. The lights just make them that much more cuter. Also the two freed drawers in the floor, are a free gift from the maker!

This daybed is ridiculous sweet, yea? It’s from Goose and you’ll be able to pick up yours at this years Winter Trend 2015, opening on December 4th. But be sure you grab one, while you are there, as it’s Goose’s exclusive item for the event! It is so cozy, comes with animations for both single and couple, as well as a sequence option for each. The ‘Winter Daybed’ also comes with a Hud, allowing 4 alternate colors, but could you expect anything less than the best from Goose Home & Gardening, most certainly not!

There is also a new event due to debut this month, called Pose Lover. Verocity has a few submissions to the mix, this pose being one from the Laura pose pack. The pack consists of 6 static poses, and they are just super adorable and versatile. She is also submitting a male pose pack, Colton, and a couple of well couple or multi-person poses.

Lastly, Truth! Another fabulous hair from Mr. Hawks, and this one is even on sale! He has a few of his releases in their variety packs, available for just 100L! You cannot beat that, it’s not possible! This is one of two that I purchased last night, I’ll be posting the other very shortly, but be sure to check those out! Continue reading

Santa Baby.

Santa Baby

Christmas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Regardless of what you celebrate, December is a very enjoyable time of year. In a world as corrupt as we currently live in, sadly. It seems that December is the one time of the year that people of all walks of life come together. I’m super excited for many reasons.

This is my second Christmas with Jack, which is a gift all in itself. Plus, the Arcade Gacha is coming up! I am a Christmas décor whore, I can’t help it! Hopefully this year, I will get to pick the color of our tree, last year…it was green and I’m really wanting a red one!

Okay, enough rambling, let’s get to the goodies! This hair, Truth, thank you! A new release by Mr. Hawks, Amoret, is just lovely. I absolutely adore the two braids, intermingled with the rest. It was a very nice touch!

Also, while the Shiny Shabby round is still in order, check out Apple May’s booth for these really sexy, satin, tanks and shorts! They come in a few different colors, the burgundy, being a favorite of mine. There was just something about its color that was your every day typical pallet.

Oh! Check out the skin…hmm, you like? I know its not my usual, as I am a die hard Essences fan. However, I am loving this Logo mesh head and Essences is making most of its skins for the Catwa head. So, while I was shopping Shiny Shabby, I came by the Glam Affair Melanie gacha. Then, oh I dunno, what seemed like fifty pulls later…I finally received the India shade skin 10. So, if any of you are reading this and would like any of the other tones, I more than likely have…shoot me a IM and consider it a early Christmas present!

Also, another little sneak peek at Goose’s gift. The ‘Cozy Pile of Christmas Pillows’ that I used in a previous post. These are super cute, come with single poses and are perfect for a holiday accent to your room’s décor.

Continue reading

Let It Snow.

Let It Snow

I can explain! I know it has been foreves, well a week or something, since I last posted. However, I have good reasoning for it… BlackOps III came out and I am a HUGE gamer, and well Black Ops is currently Bae (Don’t tell Jack).

Anyway, I’m back! Back with a new hair from Truth, well newer. Anyway, I heart it. Which I heart anything he creates, as most of you. This full pony tail, with accessory hud, named Lousia is just great. The side swoop to it, gives it a slight windblown look, though it is calm enough to wear normally.

This is also my third pose, that I’ve made myself =), Yay!

The apparel worn is from the back of my of inventory closet, I’m telling you, buried deep. The boots, which I love and not only because they are red, but I just loved them. They were from N-Core, a Christmas gift a couple years back. Continue reading