Land Of The Free.

Land Of The Free.

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans! I hope you are all enjoying your freedom in the form of family time, barbeques, and boating. But by all means, don’t forget to thank the brave for such to be possible.

If you’re celebrating inworld, hitting up the beach or whatever. Don’t forget to take some goodies from Chez Moi, with you. No day at the beach is complete without a kickass lounger to rest back in, or a towel to get some cuddling time on. Also, don’t forget the snacks and table! Oh! The added plus…shoes! Not wearable shoes, but everyone can use shoes in photos and as ‘clutter’ for homes. Not often you find cute flipflops, for you more relaxed and casual ladies!

You can find this killer Chez Moi set, and all its animations, on the marketplace as a exclusive for the Buy Now July event. Haven’t heard of it? LOL, well to be honest, I hadn’t either. But here is their website, for more information!

Also, it is a must, it’s only ‘Merican’ to wear our colors on the fourth! For that, if you are still wanting to look super sexy, check out Eyelure’s new release of off the shoulder shirts and panties, which could easily be bikini bottoms. The panties are available in both red and white. The shirts are very cute, one of my other favorites, was a white one with pink writing that reads “What the Fourth” on it. However, being totally patriotic, I had to go with the blue and stars! You’ll find this fabulously cute stuff instore! Continue reading


My Body Is On The Earth, But My Head Is In The Stars.

My Body Is On The Earth But My Head Is In The Stars.

So a quick explanation about my absence. I do a lot of my blogging during the day. Things got really hectic at work, in that we lost an employee, and I was forced to do two jobs for the month of April. Thankfully, that has now been handled and I am back to having my normal schedule.

I would like to thank my sponsors for standing by me during this ordeal. I only lost one, which I hate, because I truly enjoyed blogging for them. But sometimes, real life happens and that can’t be avoided. I thought I did my part by sending a notecard, explaining my absence and then updating each, but at times I guess you cannot please them all.

Regardless, thank you all for your patience…and its great to be back! Continue reading

Oh Look! It’s Coffee O’Clock.

Oh Look It's Coffee O'Clock

Easter has came and gone, the food is now settling in our bellies, candy is strung out galore, and then family is gone! However, tomorrow is the last the day for the Lost & Found event. So that means you need to hurry on over and get your hands on this super cute and versatile café set. The set is exclusive, so literally your time is running out!

It has very nice animations and accessories! The coffee, chalkboard, sign would be a favorite of mine. The steaming coffee cups, and simple design are just perfect for any scheme. Continue reading

I Once Had A Orginal Thought…But I Lost It.

I Once Had A Orginal Thought...But I Lost It

Couple things going on up there! First off! Hello Tuesday, is My slacking (Actually, I had to pre-register my son for Pre-School *Cries*) Anyway, my slacking on blogging has nearly caused me to have you miss this. But! Better late than never and Verocity Pose has a really cute pose set there, named Robin! It comes with six static poses and is half offsie! You’ll find the Link to these places below!

Secondly, Chez Moi has been a busy little spring bee! I’ll have some more from them tomorrow, but first! I absolutely love…love….LOVE! This desk/office set up brought to the Tres Chic event, again…link is below. The desk has animations for male/female, cuddles, and naughties *nudge nudge* *wink wink*. The décor that’s available is ridiculous cute and versatile for other uses too!

Third, Eyelure! My girl Willow bringing the sexy to spring with this mix in vibrant colors for a cute lingerie set, consisting of boy shorts and a sports bra. The set is in appliers only and can be found at the Designer Circle for this round! Again…link below!

Last! If I hadn’t mentioned it before…Elikatira!! They are having a storewide sale going on! You can get all their beautiful hair for 75L, are you kidding me!? Hopefully, the sale hasn’t ran it’s course. Apparently the owner is moving across country, and while gone…they wanted to run a fabulous sale, scheduled to end…whenever they were settled back in. So, even if it is too late…their hair is well worth the Ls! Continue reading

Sunset Is Still My Favorite Color.

Sunset Is Still My Favorite Color.

It’s Cosmopolitan time, not to mention spring time. If you have a pintrest account or are a avid DIY kind of person. Then you know all the craze surrounding pallets. Who would have thought one could make so much with something that were discarded as trash for many years?!

Goose has done just that! Turned pallets into very trendy and neutral furniture! The set is very versatile, able for both indoor and outdoor use. You can find this wonderful set, exclusively at this round of the Cosmopolitan!

It comes with tons of poses/sequences for single or couples, and the lights even turn on and off. If that weren’t cute enough, the free gift you see there (which is found at the mainstore, links below) has the option for the three candles to flame or not. All the items, today, are copyable too! Continue reading

Nonna Knows Best.

Nonna Knows Best.

New Chez Moi! This week Chez Moi released something that just put you in the mind of back home. Whether it be a cute country home, down a dirt road, something shabby chic, or in my case…of nonnas.

I don’t know if it were the color scheme or hutch, but something about this set just reminded me of the many talks that I shared with my nonna, around her table.

Of course there are tons of animations/scenes, props included.. this set even has board games for props! Different sorts of dinners, and drinker. Oh! The set also comes with a color hud, to switch between the rug, table topper, and chair cushioning. The hutch’s decorations are also modifiable so you can adjust and move as you please. Also, the little lemonade jar, actually distributes lemonade, too cute!

You can pick up your set at either the mainstore or marketplace! Continue reading