There’s A Million Fish In The Sea, But I’m A Mermaid.


Let’s talk about the upcoming event The Gathering! Just when our piggy banks were beginning to recover from The Arcade, we’re hit with another phenomenal round of The Gathering. Also, for me, it is welcoming back my girl Chandni Khondji, owner of Hopscotch!

This time, you can expect her to take you beneath the waves and into the depths of the sea with a gacha, Under the Sea, filled with dolphins, chariots, and crowns! As a girly, girl, what more could you ask for!? Both rares in the gacha are, as above, a chariot with either pink or blue dolphins. The dolphins in the background are ‘huggable’. The chariot comes with its own AO, as a attachable vehicle, be sure to turn your AO off, when attaching the item.

Also, this week is the last week of the Arcade, so if you need a underwater style hair…go try your luck at Tableau Vivant’s gacha. Because they have fabulous hairs, this just being one of them! Continue reading


The End.


Normally you hear “The end is near”, but fortunately for us “The End” started today at noon SLT! The event is centered around the ever popular Post Apocalyptic theme. We all love zombies and the suspense of survival of the fittest. There are quiet a few roleplay sims opening up around secondlife, featuring such a genre.

There are a couple ‘must haves’ to survival post apocalyptic life. You’ll need preferably need a partner in slaying, because it’s hard to watch your own back, and I imagine that keeping yourself entertained wouldn’t be easy either. Second, you need a weapon. Grab a gun, bat, sword, ax, shovel, or anything else that you can get your hands on to do damage. I’m sure some of you ladies can possibly decapitate a being, living or dead, with your purses! The last thing you need, shelter. Now while you may be out in the boonies and no where near a Wal-Mart, ASDA, or hospital to take cover in. You must find something to keep you dry and hopefully out of the predator’s eyes. When all else fails, you make due with what you have.

Don’t worry, Hopscotch is to your rescue with it’s “Makeshift Shelter” tin shed. The shed comes with functioning door and window, however these parts are unlinked. Just make sure to select them both while editing your shed, or delete them if you like. The shed would work perfect for random sim décor, adding to the feel of impending doom and gloom of the typical Post Apoc setting. There is plenty of room inside for a couple chairs, even a fire pit, and cot. Continue reading

Ocean Air, Salty Hair.


Normally I don’t really use more than one photo for a post, but I have a couple related things going on here. Plus I’m someone who learns as I go, and it seems that a lot of people use more than one picture while posting multiple designers items…So, you may see this a little more from me, as I wish to give each of my wonderful and generous sponsors a proper exposure and gratitude for working with me.

This time it’s not only OMG the beach, but OMG! Summer Edition! There is a ton of cute things here, I won’t even try to go through them all. But what I will point out are the very cute poses from Verocity Pose and the beachy keen flipflops from HopScotch. This round Verocity game with two pose packs to play for…One showcasing a very nicely made surfboard with six uniquely crafted poses and one Rare couple pose. The other shows off a hip-hop couple’s sweet street moves, with a Rare of a trio pose. Verocity - Surfs Up Pose SetDancin Pose Set

MonCheriBikiniNo day at the beach is complete with out the perfect bikini. Not only can you find one, but two, in multiple colors at Mesh Avenue with a new bikini called festival by Mon Cheri. Once you’ve picked the perfect color of your bikini taste, head on back to OMG! Summer Edition, to hit up HopScotch’s gacha for a pair of matching flipflops! These cute flipflops are accented with starfish and come in many colors!HopScotchFlipFlops

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Sweet Like Candy.


Candy Fair 2015 PosterNot sure about you guys, but as a child my favorite game to play was CandyLand! What better inspiration for a CandyLand themed photo, than the 2015 Candy Fair!? This is the third year running for the Candy Fair, and as usual they have a huge list of sponsors with fabulous goodies contributed to make up this super sweet event. This year’s theme was inspired by the story of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Here you’ll find everything from clothing, makeup, poses, props, and anything else that may snag your sweet tooth! The Candy Fair runs from July 3rd – 17th, so don’t miss out! Want a sneak peek of the sweets that the Candy Fair has to offer, check out these links below!

Flickr Group:
Inworld Update Group: secondlife:///app/group/32bb5779-bea4-9e9f-0bb4-247c1a8292b5/about
Inworld Subscriber Location:

In my picture above, you’ll find Alexis surrounding herself with the sugary sweet’s created by none other than the lovely Miss Chandni Khondji owner of HopScotch. Her sprinkle of goodies come in the form of these too cute lollipops, all with color change options, lights or off, and changeable radius of glow. She also offers two versions of her drippy chocolate wings, available in both white or milk chocolate with option of scripted or non. Last but not least is this cute loveable, huggable, sprinkled donut that also comes with a hug animation.

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Those Summer Days.

Summer Days

Every great summer and beach trip starts with one common thing, the perfect bikini! While its arguable that only -one- perfect bikini exists. I’m a firm believer of the more the merrier…Well in this case the sexier! That being said, miss Chandni of HopScotch has been doing a little designing of her own, and has brought to us a new bikini simply named “Floral Bikini”. Now the bikini comes in the following colors of teal (pictured), green, red, purple, and yellow. It also comes with the slink physique appliers! You can find this bikini at My Slink Obsession just days away!

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Into the Sun.

HopScotch Tarot

The ‘Create Your Own Tarot – High Priestess’ event is running, now through May 31st. So if that is your thing, perhaps your roleplay genre, then head on over and check it out! But, while you’re there be sure to check the lovely Chandni’s, owner of Hopscotch, beautiful Insight Headbands. The headbands come with a HUD, that allows you to pick between ten different colors of gems, as well as either silver or gold metal and coins. Insight Headband Continue reading

Raver at Heart.

HopScotch "Springtime Neon Lights"

Couple things here! Well three to be exact, but who’s counting? First off! The Wayward Hunt, which began on April 17th and runs through May 1st. You can find these pretty neon glowing, springtime wall flowers! They are super cute and modifiable, so you can fit them pretty well anywhere! Those and the current pose, which I admit is a little hard to see (I wanted to show off the flowers). Both are created by HopScotch and you can find the pose pack, which comes with the red headphones, entitled “My Jam” at the Pose Fair 2015. The flowers, are part of the Wayward Hunt and can be found in store at HopScotch. My Jam

The last thing, this new ensemble from Erratic! The tank top, dipping low in the front, but has this really cute and grunge like ripped skull in the back. While there aren’t appliers with it yet, I had no issues fitting it to my Maitreya body. The leggings however, come in packs of five designs or colors, and do include a HUD for the Maitreya, Omega, and Slink mesh bodies. This entire outfit can be found this round at Collabor88. Continue reading