Simply Serene.

Simply Serene.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and what better way to spend winding down dinner and dates than in a simply beautiful and naughty candlelit bath? Chez Moi has constructed us a beautiful, peaceful, and clean bathroom ensemble. Literally everything you see, you can get from Chez Moi, except the Cat and the Curtains!

There are adult animations, if that’s up your alley! *Nudge Nudge, Wink, wink!* But honestly the most impressive thing about this set, in my opinion, is the fact that literally everything has a color hud! So it is sure to match, whatever décor scheme your little heart desires! Continue reading


Let It Snow.

Let It Snow

I can explain! I know it has been foreves, well a week or something, since I last posted. However, I have good reasoning for it… BlackOps III came out and I am a HUGE gamer, and well Black Ops is currently Bae (Don’t tell Jack).

Anyway, I’m back! Back with a new hair from Truth, well newer. Anyway, I heart it. Which I heart anything he creates, as most of you. This full pony tail, with accessory hud, named Lousia is just great. The side swoop to it, gives it a slight windblown look, though it is calm enough to wear normally.

This is also my third pose, that I’ve made myself =), Yay!

The apparel worn is from the back of my of inventory closet, I’m telling you, buried deep. The boots, which I love and not only because they are red, but I just loved them. They were from N-Core, a Christmas gift a couple years back. Continue reading

I’m Just Not Ready For Winter. 

Just Not Ready For Winter

Let’s talk…duck, duck…GOOSE! But instead of running from, run to Goose Home & Gardening to see this fabulous “Cuddle Bathtub”! Perfect for those of us who are trying to cling to every last ray of that summer sun.

The set comes in both PG and Adult, with multiple animations for single and couples. Each are copy and mod, so you can  tweak it to your own preferences. Personally I found it perfect upon first rez.

In fact, while I were setting out the items to take the blog shot. I had a random stranger approach me, and ask to try it out. I was prompted to share the landmark, as he really liked the look and it’s annimations.

You cannot go wrong with this one. The glow of the small, strung, lights are a favorite of mine of the walled decor. This item can be purchased ok both marketplace and their inworld store.


Cuddle Bathtub: Goose Home & Gardening

Pick Your Poison.

Pick Your Poison

Let’s talk about this round of Tres Chic, and all the Halloween goodies you’ll find there! First off, finding a witches hat that properly fits, without being forced to gaintize (I don’t think that is a word, but we’ll go with it) over it your head…is about as easy as getting someone to admit that they are a witch…(They do exist, they do exist). Anyway, Bold & Beauty Hair is a new one to me. But I don’t always claim to be anywhere but the back burner, with all the fabulous creators hitting the grid. So if they’ve been around for some time, let me apologize for being late to acquaint myself, but your hair and witch hat combo is the cherry atop my twist on a cute witch look.

Not only does Tres Chic deliver the goods on your Halloween hair, but check out this set up! Not only do we have this fabulous tea party with your besties table from Chez Moi, we also have the ingredients on the wall to get those concoctions just right by Goose.

The shelf behind me was designed by Goose for all of us crafty individuals cooking up something magical in the kitchen. Take a look at the bottles closer and you’ll find labels such as virgin blood (in SL, it was a hard find! Use it sparingly), eyeballs, batwings, fingers, and poison. If those aren’t your top of the line, not your farmers market, but natures best…I don’t know what is.

Chez Moi showed up with this killer table, four chairs (options for adding more), and the floating tea pot with is animated along with a table full of goodies…complete with a HUD to allow cupcakes (Cute right?). They also showed up with a adorable Halloween door mat that has a few posing animations, and a seriously killer ritual like set up for the doors. The tree is super creepy and the spirit that rises from pentagram of sticks..well its a must see to believe. I will more than likely be shooting another photo out with it soon…but don’t wait on me, get on your brooms and fly your butt to Tres Chic to see if for yourself!

I’d also like to shout out PIxicat on this ridiculously adorable dress that really had me questioning my vision on first wear. I could have swore my eyes were playing tricks on me, even had to make Jack give me a reassuring opinion, but yes! The bats move! The dress is way believable as the bats appear to be made atop tulle material, giving their appearance, even as they move, more natural. I purchased it this past Friday, during Fifty Linden Friday. I’m not sure if its an exclusive, if you missed it, I’ll cross my fingers that its still there. Because it is a must for cute Halloween parties! Continue reading

Geek [On] Off.

Geek OnCureCon nerdy goodness! If you are a fan of the good Doctor, then here you go. This bed by the Artist Shed is a must! Not to mention the too cute wall hangings and bookends! Want to add a slight sex appeal to your already swag geek chic? Then check out Rising Hystyria’s Jayne J Outfit. The outfit is complete with, including gloves and wedged boots for classic avatars. With Halloween around the corner, nothing is cuter than a hot girl sucking on a ‘ZomLady’ finger from MELONopolis, or a gamer hip baglike accessory on your side from Glint. Top all of this off with those to die for pixel like glasses by EMBW and let’s hit it! Continue reading

Self Rescuing Princess.

SaveMyselfCureCon is under full swing with its doors opening a couple days ago, on the 4th, and closing on the 10th. So you still have a few days left to get in on the action! If you are into the gaming of cosplaying side of secondlife, get there! While the event seems mostly focused on things of those like, there are some really cute, versatile items, both fashion, pose, and accessory alike. In other words, there is something there for everyone!

Like I said before, this event is for a super good cause, Breast Cancer Awareness, and it is October which is the national month to recognize the disease, its survivors, and those who have lost their battle with it. We can only hope with the continual advancements that are being made in the medical field, that one day we’ll have a cure or at least a better marker to determine those who may be affected by it.

Until then, please everyone..yes, both male and female, please check yourselves regular, be aware of your body. Early detection increases your chances of survival tremendously. Please do not let something, you may think is even insignificant go unchecked. Continue reading

There’s A Million Fish In The Sea, But I’m A Mermaid.


Let’s talk about the upcoming event The Gathering! Just when our piggy banks were beginning to recover from The Arcade, we’re hit with another phenomenal round of The Gathering. Also, for me, it is welcoming back my girl Chandni Khondji, owner of Hopscotch!

This time, you can expect her to take you beneath the waves and into the depths of the sea with a gacha, Under the Sea, filled with dolphins, chariots, and crowns! As a girly, girl, what more could you ask for!? Both rares in the gacha are, as above, a chariot with either pink or blue dolphins. The dolphins in the background are ‘huggable’. The chariot comes with its own AO, as a attachable vehicle, be sure to turn your AO off, when attaching the item.

Also, this week is the last week of the Arcade, so if you need a underwater style hair…go try your luck at Tableau Vivant’s gacha. Because they have fabulous hairs, this just being one of them! Continue reading