I Once Had A Orginal Thought…But I Lost It.

I Once Had A Orginal Thought...But I Lost It

Couple things going on up there! First off! Hello Tuesday, is well..today. My slacking (Actually, I had to pre-register my son for Pre-School *Cries*) Anyway, my slacking on blogging has nearly caused me to have you miss this. But! Better late than never and Verocity Pose has a really cute pose set there, named Robin! It comes with six static poses and is half offsie! You’ll find the Link to these places below!

Secondly, Chez Moi has been a busy little spring bee! I’ll have some more from them tomorrow, but first! I absolutely love…love….LOVE! This desk/office set up brought to the Tres Chic event, again…link is below. The desk has animations for male/female, cuddles, and naughties *nudge nudge* *wink wink*. The décor that’s available is ridiculous cute and versatile for other uses too!

Third, Eyelure! My girl Willow bringing the sexy to spring with this mix in vibrant colors for a cute lingerie set, consisting of boy shorts and a sports bra. The set is in appliers only and can be found at the Designer Circle for this round! Again…link below!

Last! If I hadn’t mentioned it before…Elikatira!! They are having a storewide sale going on! You can get all their beautiful hair for 75L, are you kidding me!? Hopefully, the sale hasn’t ran it’s course. Apparently the owner is moving across country, and while gone…they wanted to run a fabulous sale, scheduled to end…whenever they were settled back in. So, even if it is too late…their hair is well worth the Ls! Continue reading


I Love You.

I Love You.
The Cosmopolitan
is full of love! Tis the month of hearts, candies, and all things cuddly. While you’re out planning for the big night, just a few days away…Yeah! That night, you know Valentines Day? Consider this your reminder fellas *wags finger at*. Make that night special for your hunny by setting it up, starting with the heart!

By heart, I mean heart shaped bed of course! Goose Home and Gardening has whipped up a little something, something, to ensure you a good night. The bed, know as ‘Better With Two’, is a exclusive for Valentines Day. It comes in both PG and Adult, and has tons of animations from friendly to bow chica wow wow, if you opt for the adult version.

Also, to add a little cherry atop your perfect ‘hunny swooning’ set up. The Pose Shop has came up with a few very cute goodies, located over at The Thrift Shop. One being a diamond ring, and its not just any sort of diamond, it’s a twist to the normal and very trendy. Make sure you check it out, while you’re there picking up this awesome “XO” wall frame. The option to have your “XO” either floral patterned or white and black is there, as well you can add your own personal pictures! Continue reading

A Girl Doesn’t Need Someone Who Doesn’t Need Her.

A Girl Doesn't Need

Hair! I love hair, I can never own enough of it. Jack and I debate my hair shopping addiction all the time, but as usual *runs her fingers through her new red locks, with a grin.* That’s right! This retro trendy look, flower and all, compliments of Ayashi and found at….you guessed it! The Vintage&Cool Fair! This too cute hair is available in a variety of colors and a show/hide option for the incredibly cute daisy!

The necklace has been shown in previous posts, but in it’s ‘long’ version. Once again, this is Swallow’s necklace set. The short version is just as beautiful and well fitted as the long, coming with a option of pearl colors included in the hud. It sets off this super innocent yet sexy ensemble from MAAI. The colors in this lingerie set are just popping! Yet the subtle tones of the bra, panties, and garter keep it mellow enough to be a classic. Reign’s cutesy bow heels are like the cherry on top of his hot cake of sexy. They are fitted on mid feet and also come in a variety of colors.

The retro approach to the bench and table within the room were designed by Serenity Style and are a lovely accent to any retro themed room. The sitting bench comes with about six or seven poses, I believe. One of the great things about them, in my opinion, is that they definitely catch your eye in a room and don’t necessarily take up too much space!

While this doesn’t pertain to the Vintage&Cool Fair, I want to take a moment to shoutout to one of my lovely sponsors Eyelure and her release of ‘Pout Mouth’. The set comes with for size pouts and a attachment of a ‘pout prim’. It is ridiculously hot and to die for, I love it! Continue reading

And They Say…She’s So Lucky, She’s A Star…


The Black Tie Affair has now opened! Yay, right!? Now you can finally get your hands on some of the grid’s most hottest formal attire, cosmetics, and jewelry! Above, while it’s not black, every girl needs a little dress within their closet and that is just what this is! Le Fil Casse’s ‘The Little Dress’ comes in a variety of colors, this one is wine. It’s a very cute, little, and short something that is compatible with both mesh and classic avatar bodies. I just heart it to death! It’s very club, girls night out, and head turning.

Now you have seen the following in previous posts, so I will just take a second to mention them, because they are impossible to overlook! Cae’s necklace (comes with Hud) to match anything, Slack Girl’s ‘Margot’ eyeshadow that literally has a color for anything, and Nova ‘Josselyn’ lip shades (Found at The Vintage&Cool Fair), that also can match anything. CloseUpSlackGirlCaeNova Continue reading