A Woman With Good Shoes Is Never Ugly.

A Woman With Good Shoes Is Never Ugly.

Shoes! Yay, let’s get some shoes…Okay so, as if it were any sort of secret…Reign, the Queen of shoes, hence the name “Reign”…Well, I don’t know that for certain, but the diversity and style of her fabulous shoe creations could very easily deem her as such.

Whether its comfy, street, successful, sporty, sexy, or even naughty…you best believe that you can find, what you’re looking, at Reign. These, I have on, above are named Rome…I guess you could say it was a small collaboration with miss Blueberry to tie off the jeans, I’m also wearing, Melanie. Don’t get me wrong though, these shoes are just as killer when paired with any other skirt, dress, or shorts.

The accompanied HUD, will allow you change colors on the main shoe, lace, and metals. I love a shoe with options, who doesn’t? With not only a peep toe, but a peep heel these have became a instant favorite within my closet of many.

Also, my cell phone..I picked it up a while back (also from Reign). I haven’t actually looked, but you may be able to grab yours at the mainstore. It, too, comes with a HUD, allowing you to change between cases. I’m a huge ‘Mean Girls’ fan, so clearly I opted with the “You Can’t Sit With Us” cover.

Looking for a simple and cute top to tie off your flirty girl ensemble? Eyelure, has you covered. This top being the plain navy, bare back, in the style of the previous frappe post, found here. You can also catch this at Eyelure’s mainstore. Continue reading


How Long Will I Wait?

How Long Will I Wait.

As promised! Here is one more of Eyelure’s fabulous releases, panties! I absolutely love her panties, they have to be one of my most favorite things to blog from her. She just, girl has it down, if you know what I mean. This set of panty appliers are just ridiculously adorable and sexy! Don’t believe me, take a look for yourself! Continue reading

Ready To Be Your Valentine.

Ready To Be Your Valentine.

While there are times that I can ‘class it up’, I am completely a comfy kind of her girl. I enjoy yoga pants, knee socks, and tank tops. I can wear heels, but I prefer the comfort of UGGS. This being said, is one of the reasons that I absolutely adore blogging for Eyelure. Willow just…gets me. If I had to compare her style to anything “real life”, it would be along the lines of ‘Victoria Secret Pink’ collections. She just keeps it simple, and simple is often beautiful.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the girl can sure as hell class it out! Like this little sexy black dress, she released not so long ago, or this sexy New Years Eve ensemble that were released, well, for New Years Eve. It’s the outfits, like the one above, that I tend to migrate to. It’s simple, it’s sexy, and it’s versatile. Well, the top is. Then again everyone needs panties and she makes some really cute ones!

These are the Valentine Day panty pack, comes with seven pair. They are compatible for both classic and mesh avatars. They have some of the cutest designs featuring hearts and stripes ever! Continue reading

She My Trap Queen.

Bitch Better Have My MoneyTwo things to talk about here. One of them being the ridiculously epic drug kitchen, hell drug surplus from NikotiN at The Mens Dept this round. This set is filled with everything you could possibly need to stage a epic roleplay scene to a brutally realistic picture. It’s a drug dealer’s paradise, like early Christmas from Santa type stuff! Let it snow, let it snow..Let…it….snow.

Secondly, ROMP. Now it only has two more days for this round, I believe. So get your booties over there. I showed you the killer pose from Rack, with my Harley picture. Now here is the other, I just had to have, from exe cute. The original was used, with a cell phone, as the pose is entiled “Sexting”, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to use it in regards to NikotiN’s drug goodies. The pose does not include props, so have fun with it! You could use nearly anything, get creative. Designers love seeing twists on their creations with creative minds, as do I! If you use the pose, give me a tag in it. I’d love to see what you come up with! Continue reading

I Am A Dreamer.


iamadreamerLet’s talk serious for a moment… In a few days Nerdology will open up ‘CureCon’ cosplay for a reason (Landmark Coming). While I am a gamer, you won’t find me doing too many pictures related to such fantasy roleplay and fashion. However, when I found out the purpose of this event. There was a part of me that felt the need to help out. Not only is my ‘real life’ profession within the medical field, Ultrasonics. I have also been inflicted personally by a sad and all too common disease, not only amongst women, but men.

It is estimated that breast cancer will kill a little over forty thousand women in the united states, alone, in the year 2015. That number doesn’t even come close to the number that will be diagnosed. While the medical field and its treatment continually make advancements in the care for cancers and disease, that number is still staggering. No one is immune to it, and it can strike at anytime.

Last year, I had a friend the young age of 35 diagnosed with a slightly advanced stage of breast cancer, after a year of chemo and reconstructive surgery, she is finally getting her life back in order and is cancer free. However, recently she had another scare within the breast opposite the previously diagnosed one, thankfully -again- things were okay. But that horrific thought will always remain within her head, our heads, or anyone else’s head who has been affected by this devastating disease. It’s not something you fully ever recover from. The physical scars can fade, but the emotional scars always remain…fear, uncertainty, and worry continue to remain within your mind long after the treatments are finished.

I lost my grandmother at the age of 8, she was only 54 when she lost her battle. Sadly her battle was a short one, from April to November, but I suppose it was better than seeing her suffer. I myself are now faced with earlier testing, starting at the age of 35, rather than 40 for mammograms, and that is just to air on the side of precaution. I cannot stress enough how important it is, regardless of your age, to do self examinations. Don’t ignore things, even if it ends up being nothing, have it checked out. It’s always better safe than sorry.

Needless to say, when I saw the purpose of this event. I felt compelled to lend a hand. I know there are some of you who aren’t into this sort of genre. But even if its just a small donation to the cause, it will be greatly appreciated. CurCon will donate 100% of the proceeds made to its designated RFL vendors to  Making Strides Against Breast Cancer charity.

Now, if you are into this sort of fantasy fashion, the killer number above (Sword included) is compliments of Kelli Kreations, named Arwen in Pink (The pink theme shouldn’t surprise you, as its the represented color for Breast Cancer awareness). The pose used is contributed by my lovely friend, Bilour, of Verocity Pose. The pose pack named Victoria, contains six different poses, flexible for anything you could dream of! Continue reading

I Find Happiness In The Simplest Of Things.


Let’s talk about a couple great things available right now. One of them being this super sweet farm set from Chez Moi, northmont farm. The set comes with practically everything you see in the picture. The horses, fence, white flowers, wagon, hay stacks, and even the tree attached to it! There are sitting poses and animations with each item, that include a ridiculous amount of single and couple poses, as well as activities (props included). If you are looking to let the country girl..or guy, out in your heart then waste no time in purchasing Northmont Farm! You can find the set right now over at Tres Chic, so boot scoot and boogie your way on over there!

Speaking of boots, these boots! God I hate to see summer gone, but I absolutely am a boot whore, for lack of more ladylike words. So when Fri.day dropped these way cute leather “Rosie” boots at Shiny Shabby, I squealed and nearly trampled over people to get to them…these boots are made for walkin’ and that’s just…well you get the point. I am quite positive that I indeed walked over a couple of you. Oopsy, but if you’ve seen them, then I know you fully understand.

Eyelure has always dropped some more goodies on us, personally I am reminded of the nineties, I actually had a shirt just like the one above, but it was black. Needless to say, when I saw it, I was like Oh Em Gee, gimmie! The tied shirt comes in a variety of colors and styles, one regarding a cute ‘selfie’ phrase.

Continue reading