Can I Help You?

Can I Help You?

Addams! I am seriously loving their most recent releases. While they have new items at this round of Collabor88, which opened today. I picked this little outfit and hair up last round. Shame on me for being a late, I know…but better late than never! Continue reading


Hold Me Tight.

Hold Me Tight

Both fall and winter, weather turns cold, everyone’s heart seems to be fulfilled with the urges of cuddling and kindness. It’s a time that brings loved ones together, even more closely than the other times of the year. Whether it’s just the Thankfulness that Thanksgiving brings, or maybe the joy that Christmas…Hanukah…or whatever it is that you celebrate encourages. One thing is for sure, fall and winter are both the coziest most sappy, cuddlewhore, like times…and they are upon us in full force!

What better way to enjoy what few warm days that you have left, than with this cozy snuggle like porch set by Chez Moi? Again, Chez Moi never slights us in well…the slightest, providing what you need to complete a scheme to it’s entirety. What you see above (Deck aside, which is actually one from their Douillet Outdoor set, pictured here.  Otherwise, what you see is what you get!

The animations are, as usual, spot on and the rocking chair even has the option of rocking! The hanging bed comes with single, couple, and activity based animations. Plus you can also change the color of the tossed over the chair throw, on the rocking chair! Continue reading

You Ain’t My Mister J.


With Halloween right around the corner and the upcoming, no doubt to be a hit, Suicide Squad moving. Of course people are, as if they’ve not always been, crazy with Harley Quinn. She and The Joker have always been my picks, seeing as I’ve never been one much on the side of justice and good. I prefer chaotic and crazy, hell its why I’m still with Jack after nearly a year (next month =] ).

So needless to say that this costume from IMMORTAL called ‘Suicide Tribute Damaged’, was perfect for this picture! It comes with everything you need, attire wise, from shirt to shoes. It even has a leather coat with it, which I chose not to wear, because I outright adored these arm warmers. While it doesn’t come compatible for mesh bodies, I am wearing the Maitreya Lara body, so you can make it work!

The hair, FINALLY, there is a quality hair out there that offers different options and not a unison pick for color. People in this world want choice, and that is exactly what RunAway Hair gave us with ‘Harley’. Don’t like the blue and pink, change it up! You can pick from a ridiculous amount of color combinations.

Lastly, ROMP (link below), closes in a couple days. So before that happens, scoot your cute little rumps over there and pick up this pose from Rack Poses, Burning Desire. It comes with the props you see, chair, blindfold, roping, and it also comes with a candle, which I replaced with the knife for my picture. It was super cute and while you can modify it, I didn’t need to adjust at all! Continue reading

No Matter Where I Go, I Know Where I Came From.


Eyelure is at it again! The girl’s mind is just a machine for pumping out the cute and trendy! One of her latest, this super cute jersey style, sports, dress. The outfit is clearly just in time for football season, comes in multiple colors, as well as the football makeup, beneath the eyes! Pair that with some great thigh high or knee socks, chucks, and some sort of sporty look with your hair…then you’re set to turn heads and rack up points! Continue reading

My Weekend Is All Booked.

My Weekend Is All Booked

I feel like such a slacker! I missed the first week of The Arcade due to vacation, not that I’m complaining. So needless to say, the moment  got home I ran straight and threw my money at a little of everyone…That being said, damn you Acorn Tree House *Pouts*. Like I -need- it…As you can see above, I have the smaller ‘Auburn’ Treehouse. It is rather marvelous, but would be even greater, if I had its big brother the Acorn to attach it to.

I am rather certain that Dust Bunny took up the most of my pulls, as they brought a few couple machines full of wonderful rare and common items! Above is the ‘Auburn Treehouse’ as I mentioned. It is absolutely beautiful in its entirety and fairly easy to pull it seems, as I had three.

MudHoney was no disappointment, as expected. The RARE pink chaise has very cute poses and props within it. Their rugs, which I managed to cop both, are too cute and modern, as is the rest of their décor. The small additive décor from Tres Blah are very cute pieces as well, and I am still dying to get my hands on the makeup bag! Tres Blah came with everything girly and great to say the least!

It took me some bargaining and trading to get my hands on this updo, bun, from Lamb “Wake Up”. They brought three styles to the Arcade, all of which are cute, and one of which am I still trying to get in the black pack, Date Night.

Garbaggio, good lawd, shoes…let’s get some shoes! If you need extra cute add-ons for photos, this collections is MUST. From shoe boxes, to stand alone shoes, dresses filled and empty, to racks, and even a pump with a hud! Garbaggio has this covered girl! Continue reading

Life’s A Beach…

Life's A BeachVACATION! Finally, after a long summer, I can end it with my toes in the sand! My family and I will be gone on vacation until Sept. 7th. There is a chance that we may come home a couple days earlier, but to be safe I’ll just say the 7th. I hope all of you enjoy the remainder of the events going on to wind the summer down. Don’t forget to check out the Vintage&Cool Fair and Black Tie Affair, as they are coming to a close very soon!

Also stop by Eyelure and have a look around her store. She has some fabulous clothing, like what you see above, at great alluring prices! Her clothes are just the perfect for the sporty, college girl, or just lazy days. She also has some really sexy and cute attire there as well!


Body: Maitreya – Lara

Skin: Essences – Ingrid (Dark01)

Hair: Truth – Olympia (blacks&Whites) (Found at Uber)

Lips: Hush – Natural Lip Applier (Matte)

Mouth: Eyelure – Pout Mouth

Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears ver2

Hands/Feet: Slink – Elegant Hands & Mid Feet

Glasses: Macabre – SunGlasse Glossy Chic (Found at The Vintage&Cool Fair)

Shorts: Eyelure – Softest Shorts (Ivory)

Shirt: Eyelure – Dyed Tank (GreyStripe)

Pose: Verocity – Valerie Pose Pack (Found at Suicide Dollz)

My Body Is Yours To Take Advantage Of…

My Body Is Yours

The Vintage&Cool Fair is still going strong, but will soon be winding down… In other words, GET OVER THERE NOW.. =) If not, don’t say I didn’t tell you so, when you’re the last to get your hands on items such as ViSions sinfully sexy lingerie number ‘Lingerie Gia’. It comes in a few colors, all of which are exceptional in design.

Feeling a little edgy? Pair that sexy lace and satin with AvaWay’s serpente jewel, available in gold, silver, or brazen and you’ve got a look to kill! The headband comes in three different styles and with a resizable hud!

Last but certainly not least, ChicChica, the girl is everywhere! You’ll find her shoes a bit of everywhere nowadays. Why not!? They are simply wonderful! Here, I am wearing one of the two style she brought with her to The Vintage&Cool Fair, Julie in Noir. The golden accent on the heels, make them match perfectly with the jewelry! Continue reading